A very British Olympics

Endless queuing? Endless grumbling? Gold-plated compliance by haughty bureaucrats with every dot and tittle of rules decreed by foreign officials? Jobsworths conducting petty and theatrical procedures in the name of security and health and safety? Exaggerated fear of supposed terrorists? Small entrepreneurs chewed up or ignored in the interests of big business? Government ministers and departments issuing infuriating, anodyne statements about \”keeping London safe\” and \”delivering core legacy objectives\”? Massive budgetary overruns? Waste and profligacy in procurement? Freebies for politicians?

Everybody complaining about it but going along with it anyway?

Quite. What is un-British about any of that?

11 thoughts on “A very British Olympics”

  1. “Small entrepreneurs chewed up or ignored in the interests of big business?”

    Cheer up. When we’re looking back in a couple of hundred years’ time, we’ll be able to see the efficiency improvements were almost as great as those of the enclosures. Plus, nobody will have got malaria. Property theft is OK, after all, if the rich and connected do it.

  2. I’ll probably watch the ceremonies at the start and end. Just to see what all the hype is about, though I suspect I’ll probably give up within minutes. I aim on not watching any of the olympics. I don’t even know what day it starts, though some bit of all the advertising and publicity and non-stop talking has crept into my brain and something about a couple of weeks from now.

  3. Interesting watching the Tour de France (A Brit in the lead and lots of pretty countryside) that it seems to police itself without thousands of soldiers or police or G4S people.

    The roads are lined with tens of thousands of good-natured cheering people, many of whom camped out overnight for a good spot, and there doesn’t seem to be a hi-vis jacket in sight.

  4. In keeping with the Olympic spirit, I’ve been charging each of my mates £500 for a party they’re not invited to.

  5. Speaking of the Tour de France again, someone strewed tacks on the road in today’s stage. Perhaps the spectators don’t police themselves that well…

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