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This probably isn\’t online.

Ivanov, V.V., 1997. Ecological Geochemistry of Elements. v. 5. Rare
d-elements. Ekologiya, Moskva. 576 pp. (in Russian).

But would anyone with academic access like to try and find out?

To explain: this paper is the source of a tale that one of the Madagascan columbites has been reported as (occasionally!) containing up to 6% by weight Sc.

The question is, which one?

Thanks to those who tracked this down: especially PaulB. There does seem to be a copy of the book there. But it\’s got some wildly strange registration system. So, I\’ll have to find some other way…..but thanks again for looking.

5 thoughts on “Academic paper search”

  1. You want to search for Ekologicheskaya geokhimiya elementov instead. Quite a lot of stuff turns up, but nothing useful so far.

  2. In Cyrillic it’s “????????????? ???????? ?????????” by ???????? ?????????? ??????

    a quick search turned up volumes 4 and 6 but not 5.

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