Communism is just great

The optimal organization for a family is communist, but this doesn\’t generalize to large societies, a point that most leftists can\’t fathom.

But as with any other organisational method scale does matter.

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  1. You mean it makes sense to help people who would most likely help you, but none whatsoever to help people who wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire? Who’d have thought it.

    Sarcasm aside, communism isn’t the optimal organisation for anything. What family is prepared to support and give full voting rights to the layabout nephew for his entire life?

  2. …but isn’t it a driving ambition of your common or garden communist to destroy the family?

  3. Communism works for communities of several thousand PROVIDED THAT they care about those in need (see Acts). The size of the community is not important: the motivation IS

  4. And provided the community recognises different people working different amounts or problems of work.
    The first communist colony in America didn’t do so well when the harder workers saw those not working as hard treated exactly like them. Plymouth colony.

  5. Communism cannot work for any more than a short period. A communist society is a static society. It can only meet a challenge by defeating it & eventually must confront the challenge that it can’t. Conversely, an enterprising society will meet a challenge by adaptation. Is more likely to turn the nature of the challenge to its own benefit.

    A communist society is the societal equivalent of the koala. An over-evolved dead end suitable only for whichever niche it’s taken root in. Maybe we should keep a few commies in zoos so we can visit & photograph them on Bank Holidays. Watch feeding time. Could be quite an alternative to the chimps tea party.

  6. I have thought that being a child in a family is like living in a perfect Communist society. You are looked after from the cradle with all you needs provided for. The system is structured to enriching you mentally and physically and if you transgress the rules you will be punished lovingly and forgiven. The leadership is interested and cares for you. (Of course as a child you don’t see the hard work the parents put in to earn the money and provide the loving safe communist environment).

    I think that is why young people are much more likely to the left wing. They have come out of family socialism and expect the world to operate in a similar way. It takes them a while to realise it does not and could not. By then they are creating a new Communist family with them as its Lenin.

  7. DevonChap, that sounds a reasonable explanation. Would explain a lot of the younger students I came across at university. Far further left than most of the older/more mature/foreign students.

  8. @ bloke in spain
    Yes, it can if the community are devout Christians, Pharisees, Muslims.
    Monasteries and Convents lasted for centuries until corruption in a minority of them gave Henry VIII an excuse to expropriate their assets. An atheist communist society, on the other hand, has no chance.

  9. hmmm
    and UKIP functions in what way exactly?

    Everyone else who isn’t UK-ish doing everything?

    Cos they can pay you and what you own a price, right?

    I could go on about if the UK, (that’s the UK, Timmy: the U fucking K) had carried on investing in deeper, cleaner coal, along with the technology boom that carbon sequestration along with the easily foreseeable future proofing waste storage ready for new uses, and its export in higher tech understanding: in deep earth preciousssssnesssesss would have led to if the fuckwotcocks economic pisstakes you lot bleat on about like school kids swapping McDonald Happy Meal toys do- without any remission (this blog reminds me of post neo-natal classes of ladies comparing panty-swabs)- or actual humourous self-deprecation, then maybe you lot would be proud patriots, instead of fucking dickshits hating everything.

    That’s one thing Murphy has above anything you say. He wants something better.

    You want everything to go bad so you can sit on your piles and say “told you so”.

    Most of you don’t have anything to do with anything real anyway, being oil cocks and expats.

    I realise I may be merging threads somewhat, but at least I understand what merging means, rather than knee-wanking off from a couple of worstall selected misunderstandings and inaccurate representations.

    It’s a shame for me that I can’t be bothered to engage as much as Frances Coppola, who has the decency to be balanced. Call me 😉 i’m good company!

    Worstall, your blog entries, and their usual commentators share no quality with Murphy’s.

    If I were a cynical neutral (and huge derisory guffaws all round at those of you that try – yep i’ve read your output (mostly better than here but still like reading an old gentleman’s guide to humanity), at a point-by-point, issue-by-issue, theory-through-theory attempt at self-education, you six or seven of you are like Blackadder the 4th’s Stephen Fry character.


    Do you remeber the the Altair tesselated colouring books?

    That’s your ideas, that is. But nanny, orange and green look like my puke. uh-huh. Bells-a-ringing

    You basically have no balls, Worstall, other than badly coloured childrens’ ones. You rely on guano to keep your ideals alive.

    Vampire bats, mon vieux. You’ll be dead soon, and you’ll be like the laughably unreal you mimic.

    Good luck with that.

    (fuck off typo pendenants if i have, free better than Toynbeef, in my superlative opinion), if there are typos and shit – i won’t be bothered to care: I Ctrl-C’d & Ctrl-V’d in “furious wanking” (from Tim’s diary entry of July 30 1976) into my browser, and this is the first thing that came)

    “If only I were bigger and right in your faces.”

    My Dinner Party Response app ™, (I coded it myself, using someone else to code it), suggested this retort;

    “Oooh it’s always a good night when Surrepitious Evil forgets to wipe its chin and tries to buy pharmacy strength aciclovir when the look of horror on the Saturday worker’s face realises that the profferred legal tender is slimy under the Superdrug neon.”

  10. I wish I had a fiver for every time I’ve said: “go to your Gulag and think about what you have done.”

  11. John @ 12, the religious communities you describe rely on donations extorted through moral and emotional blackmail, which often subsidises their external trade, as a result of which they became, often, very rich. And my dim recollection from history lessons is that Abbott’s and the like often lived princely lives. Ok, you might get internal wealth equality for a bit, but only because that’s how these places were set up. After a while, wealth inequalities tend to open up.

  12. John @ 12, you do realise that Christian monasteries used to extort money from their local peasantry by threatening them with excommunication for not supplying the monastery with its tithe of farm produce and other goods.

    This wasn’t universally true, but common enough until about the 18th century.

  13. Interesting rebuttal John77’s at 12.
    He’s right, of course. The feudal system the monasteries sprang from is, by its own lights, the first & most long running & successful expression of the communist principle. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs, all men equal in the sight of God.
    The Prince rules by divine right & all the other layers occupy their positions by the will of God , their needs met by the abilities of the serfs to provide for them. In theory, it’s the perfect society. In theory…..
    In practice…. St Francis of Assisi preached the virtue of total poverty but the order he founded had acquired its first property before the old boy was even in his grave.
    The people who came closest to the Christian ideal were probably the Cathars who believed in the common ownership of the needs of life. The Albigensian Crusade took care of that outburst of virtue by torture , burning & general slaughter, aided by the sterling work of the Dominicans.

  14. SE @ 18
    Well spotted, sir! You could very well be right. If so, he’ll be paying for his indulgence this morning. Good luck Arnald! You may not wish to but in all probability you will live.

  15. It’s actually funnier than you think, even I do say so myself.

    But then you can only read Worstall’s nonsense so I don’t expect you to be able to comprehend complicated juxtapositions.

    Art must be a hard concept for some of you guys.

  16. No doubt you are correct, Arnald and a representative of BBC Light Entertainment is even now desperately trying to contact you.

    Regrettably, this comment is not intended to be humorous……

  17. ‘It’s actually funnier than you think, even I do say so myself.’

    There’s a fine line between genius and insanity.

    The writing is obviously mental. Finding it funnier than I think, ‘even you do say so yourself’, is genius.

    Very rare to read that sort of thing electronically, because you usually only find writing of that quailty on walls, scratched in by finger nails, or written in human shit.

    ‘complicated juxtapositions’ is a lovely synonym for ‘nonsense’ though.

    Imagine if it really was everyone else who didn’t get it, and not Arnald, though ?

  18. It is a credit to Tim that he doesn’t delete Arnald’s posts,. Cf. R Murphy.

    But then again, Arnald’s post are not much of a criticism….

  19. Art must be a hard concept for some of you guys.

    Ah, the modern lefty response when challenged on overt bollocks – claim it was performance art. It may well have been art rather than reason. Doesn’t make it any less crap.

  20. No, the point is quite clear.

    Worstall does not offer any solution to any problem. He just pretends he knows that certain algorithms suit certain productive outcomes.

    What worstall cannot do is comment on the human, and the ‘wishy-washy’, which is inherent in any community. So my criticism is just.

    You talk a lot of old shit about toys and play amongst yourselves, but actually it’s not your theories, or your heroes’ theories, or any theories, that advance the lot of humanity, but rather humanity itself.

    You’re a bunch of pretentious arseholes that snipe from positions of comfort.

    It’s no credit to Tim at all that he doesn’t delete anything. It just makes him a lazy hack who doesn’t care. That’s not liberal, it’s shit.

    Repetition from textbooks does not make you a thinker. Adam Smith is not represented by this worstall, nor any of you, because you fail to grasp humanity.

    I could just as easily say that your pathetic ramblings pretending to know the answers (which is basically a constant denial of everything) is merely a warm up act for something even worse.

    For example, please cite where, Gummidge old boy, this is reality:

    “… because you usually only find writing of that quailty on walls, scratched in by finger nails, or written in human shit.”

    You can’t, because like everything, you try and say, it simply isn’t true.

    It is not my fault that you cannot understand references.

    I hope you die soon.

  21. Interesting to seek to advance humanity by hoping part of it will die.

    Clearly I don’t get the joke but since the writer certifies it is I must be wrong.

  22. “Interesting to seek to advance humanity by hoping part of it will die.”

    Entirely consistent with sausage’ll.

    or indeed life.

  23. You hope I die soon ?

    Get help. The only references you should worry about anyone getting are psychiatric ones.

    You’re nuts, and if that’s your best shot, I win.

  24. “You talk a lot of old shit about toys and play amongst yourselves, but actually it’s not your theories, or your heroes’ theories, or any theories, that advance the lot of humanity, but rather humanity itself.”

    Er, yes. That’s what those of us on the side of freedom firmly believe.

    It’s the statists, such as yourself, who think they know best. Who think humanity needs to be told what to do. Who think they’ve got the right theories and ideas.

    I don’t know how you can have the nerve to write such doublespeak nonsense.

  25. Nope, Googled “sausage’ll” and came back blank. If Google doesn’t understand your references its safe to say you’re loopy.

    Come back when you have cooled down and can make some sense.

  26. There was a bonkers person on the train home just now. “Lud”, I said to myself (it’s my name, you see?), “say nothing, don’t catch her eye”. And it worked! She bimbled off down the carriage, having lost interest.

  27. WuuGumij, aren’t you precious thinking that a nutter like me would waste my time focussing on your poorly directed utter lcognificant failures?

    Your name evokes fucking Aunt Sally. At least mine is proper intelligence. Try it. Understand it. Break down your toilet.

    There’s no bonkers about it, Lud. You cannot support a no-one like worstall and be seen as serious just because you witnessed something you don’t understand.

    Jesus Christ, I know social dysfunction, and it ain’t your twee “bloke on the train” bollocking affirmations.

    That’s what makes you as thick as the planks of your chosen ludicrous ideological mathematicians.

    Time after time, day after day, you preach the insane. Wake the fuck up. The more you bleat whilst your ideologicals dissonate, the more you look like some stupid human effluent.

    Who, and why, supports your tragic child-like insolence, provide me with the fucking truth.

    And no, timmy, inequality ratios do not fall with economic efficiency. You are a wgce for ignoring the reality of wealth and its control.

    Sirrrrissssly, you are puny little force-fed pheasants in a lordly shoot compared to those you mock.

    We all have faults, you lot are a biblical comparitive.

    That’s how bad. I had to say bible.


  28. Does anyone understand what languag Arnald is posting in? Impossible to understand for a native English speaker like myself.

  29. He’s not happy is he. Clearly posting here isn’t making him any happier. Disagreement fine, invective is fine if its good or funny. Gobbledegook such as Arnald is spouting calls for a reflective sit down from the writer for their own good.

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