Does Neal Lawson actually have to be a complete numpty?

Should Compass seek a chair with mre brains than a piece of furniture?

Neal Lawson – The Libor scandal lays New Labour\’s failings bare
Thursday, July 05 2012
banking | capitalism | Labour Party

Labour mustn\’t return to a relationship with banking that led only to disaster. Time to say yes, you can and should buck the market.

He has rather missed the point that the entire Libor scandal is that people were tying to buck the market, hasn\’t he?

Compass might want to look for an upgrade in the metal capacity of their Chair really. A table might do, even a stool.*

*Yes, you\’re right, there are various meanings of this word. Pick the one you feel is most appropriate.

4 thoughts on “Does Neal Lawson actually have to be a complete numpty?”

  1. If the metal were ferrous, it would make an accurate Compass. Which would be a change for the better. Why am I not surprised that Arnald doesn’t know this?

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