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Does The Independent actually have editors?

Even when Cardinal Keith O’Brien is blessed with a megaphone to express his opinion that gay marriage is morally equivalent to slavery, while representatives of his organisation get automatic seats in parliament,

I assume not. If they did I assume one would point out to Louise McCudden that a Cardinal is, by definition, a Papist. And that it ain\’t the Papists who have automatic seats in Parliament.

6 thoughts on “Does The Independent actually have editors?”

  1. As soon as Owen Jones (arguably even more absurd than Richard Murphy) found his way into the Indy, it sank beneath the grounds of readability (and it was fairly close to unreadable for 10 years prior to that)

  2. Presumably she has in mind some other organization with automatic seats in the Lords. Do Royal Dukes still do so?

  3. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor was offered a seat in the Lords (which, Andy, is one of the two Houses that makes up Parliament) on the basis of his services to Catholicism.

    However, he turned it down because he’d have had to pledge fealty to the Queen. Not that the Catholic Church is still actively a traitorous institution opposed to the interests of the UK or anything…

  4. Actually, John B, Catholic canon law prevents Catholic priests from taking executive or legislative roles: that’s why he turned it down.

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