French admit to being French

The French have admitted they are \”rude, stroppy, and slothful\”

Or, in sympathy with this blog\’s one French reader, Parisians admit they are Parisian.

9 thoughts on “French admit to being French”

  1. Outside of Paris the French are a delight.

    The children are polite and do not whine and huff endlessly like British kids. They are always welcome in restos and hotels unlike in Britain. They say “hello” to adults and give the “bises” or shake hands. They eat what they are given. Meal times are respected and people almost never eat while travelling or walking. They talk to adults openly and do not feel that as teenagers they need to rebel or be surly.

    The French worker is pretty diligent. He does not stop for tea breaks every 30 mins. He has a long lunch and after that he works until the end of his shift. I have been impressed.

    Just saying …

  2. Seconded. A brother of mine had the good sense to marry a Frenchwoman from Agen in the deep Southwest, and a more hospitable, courteous and good-humoured bunch than her and her family you wouldn’t meet in a day’s walk. They have about the same opinion of Parisians as we do.

  3. A few years ago I was on a project the included a French company. I was really struggling to get on with my counterpart, which was unusual as I’d never had this problem before. He even accused me of being a typical anti-French Brit.

    I was getting quite worried and mentioned my problems to a couple of other Frenchman on the team (from yet another company) and their response was along the lines of – don’t worry about Henri, he’s Parisian an nobody can get on with Parisians.

  4. @S.E.. You’re probably right. 🙂 It’s a long time since I spent any time in our esteemed capital. I avoid the bloody place like the plague, Dog alone knows why anyone would voluntarily live there!

  5. My experience of the French – who are my masters at work – is much the same as the comments on here: a thoroughly well-mannered, intelligent, and pleasant bunch. Who all think Parisians are wankers.

    I could have done a lot worse than go to work for Les Frogs. Work for the Shell Dutch, for example. Shudder.

  6. I have friends in Paris. They can’t wait to leave the place. Parisians are a breed apart from the rest of France. My own experience is the same as others above. The French in the rest of the country are very nice and friendly and helpful. Paris? Forget it.

  7. Yep, the only Frog I’ve ever actually wished to punch was a Parisian. The rest of them couldn’t have been nicer.

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