How about that: Still racists in Mississippi

Charles and Te\’Andrea Wilson had set the date and mailed invitations but, the day before their wedding, the pastor of the predominantly white First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs said the ceremony would not go ahead.

The pastor told them a small number of church members had virulently opposed holding the event at the church, and he faced being sacked if he went ahead with it.

The difference between now and 50, 60 years ago is that it was a vociferous minority who objected, not the overwhelming majority who simply thought that that\’s the way things are and should be.

Things ain\’t perfect anywhere as a quick look around our own society will show. But they have largely got better if not yet achieved nirvana.

5 thoughts on “How about that: Still racists in Mississippi”

  1. BTW does this black couple belong to the congregation? I’d find that a little bit surprising: that the church wouldn’t wed members.

    Tim adds: From the story itself he at least worshipped there. There’s no licence to belong to a congregation but the Minister was all set up to do the wedding, so they had agreed, then a minority of the congregation objected.

  2. Good to see a man of God as usual setting an example by doing the right thing rather than worrying about keeping his job.

  3. I can’t see why racists would object to a black man marrying a black woman. I’d have thought the huge fuss in the south would be if he’d wanted to marry a white girl.

  4. Philip Scott Thomas

    Following on from what Tim said about how things have changed, have a look at this (language probably NSFW).

  5. I predict that in 20 to 50 years we’ll be equally shocked at people objecting to gay marriage. Society moves on.

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