I think we can guess who this is can\’t we?

The judge said the child’s supposed father, a married elected politician, had “achieved a level of notoriety as a result of extramarital adulterous liaisons”, noting that it was alleged to be the second time he had made a lover pregnant during an affair.

Has been known to publicly talk about \”whiff whaff\”, no?

7 thoughts on “I think we can guess who this is can\’t we?”

  1. How can people consider this guy to be a future Tory leader when he cannot be bothered to use a condom?

  2. I liked the post Guido put above his post on this. A picture of Boris, with the comment that his “distinctive” hair looks “like a school child”.

    No connection, of course, pure coincidence. Almost subtle for Guido.

  3. Does anyone remember that inadvertently hilarious article by Petsy Wyatt about how all her friends had kids and she didn’t? Well that was because she coat-hangered her own mini-Boris. He really is a splendid advertisement for the Darwinian propensity of alpha males to fling their gametes at receptive mates.

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