Is it me that\’s gone wrong or society?


This is the family where the mother and the four sisters have all had boob jobs. The youngest, in the foreground, says she doesn\’t want one.

Apparently she\’s 13 which makes me a dirty old man for even thinking this but she looks a toothsome young lass. Being a ginger helps of course and there doesn\’t seem to be any lack of play puppies there.

Indeed, be rather a shame to carve up such nubility really.

Mrs Marshall said: \”Britney is going through a funny phase at the moment and saying she doesn\’t want to get her boobs done. But I know my daughters, and I know Britney is no different from the rest.\”

She said Britney \”idolises\” her older sisters and that she would like her to follow in their footsteps.

Mrs Marshall, a psychic medium, is now a grandmother but says her breasts make her feel young. She often joins her daughters at nightclubs and loves being mistaken for one of their sisters.

She added: \”I really love the fake look of my girls and I know that Britney will go that way when she\’s a bit older. I love the idea of us all looking similar and glamorous.\”

It might be that it\’s not Britney with the problems there…..


14 thoughts on “Is it me that\’s gone wrong or society?”

  1. One would surmise, from the broad expanses of excess avoirdupois on display, that this family is as yet untouched by austerity. Is this a,”Guess how many Fathers” competition?

  2. Mrs Marshall, a psychic medium

    And we’re expected to take anything she says seriously?

    But, no, I’d throw the younger one out for being wholly illegal (and because Mrs S-E would object), not for any lack of boobage.

  3. Considering that the 53yr old grandmother has nine children and the five boob jobs cost a total of £50k then many fathers with lots of child support sounds a quite likely scenario. But then the grandmother is a psychic medium so she know how to fleece her customers of lots of money.

  4. The Telegraph’s headline writer seems to have been too distracted to tell the difference between “silicone” and “silicon”, despite the journalist’s having got it right. It’s a common trap.

  5. Can always count on PaulB to cut to the heart of the matter.

    what a crappy, depressing story, but it does seems to have a heroine.

  6. Tim @ 2

    Have to say, with all the horteras (chavs?) we have in Spain, somehow I don’t think we would see this one either.

    True home-grown? tits?

  7. Well, according to a judge who refused to jail a teenager for the rape of the 5 year old girl he was babysitting, it’s society that’s all wrong.

    Looking at this freakshow, I’m inclined to agree!

  8. “Britney Marshall works hard at school and dreams of going to university”

    … but her mother thinks she’s going through a “funny phase”: no inflatables, no underage nightclubs, no overage baby fathers, just working hard at school and dreaming of university; shocking.

  9. One of my fuck-buddies has implants, and I find them most unsatisfying. Implants may look good on an elegantly dressed woman, but in the bedroom they do not feel or behave like real breasts, which is a turn-off for me. Fortunately, she has certain skills…

    I also have a member of staff on the NMW who on receiving a £25K legacy spent it all on cosmetic surgery for her and her daughter – boob jobs, face-lifts, lipo-suction, etc. No thought about providing for their future…after all, the state will pay, innit? And wiv £25K I won’t get housing benefit…

    Though this display (above) is grim, I would not underestimate the chaviness of other parts of the world…eg suburbs of Paris, parts of northern Italy (try the suburbs of Verona on a Friday/Saturday night), or Brazil…

  10. I know where you’re coming from Theo. It seems obvious that implants should match the consistency of the surrounding flesh, but they don’t.
    While we’re all being snobs about this, can we have a guess on the names of little Britney’s sisters? My guess for the 15 y o is Tiffany, the 17 y o Krystle…

  11. The mother may be mistaken for a sister for the simple reason that the girls are probably only 12 or so years younger…

  12. Offshore Observer

    I hope none of the implants was PIP manufactured, firstly for the health of those concerned but also because our taxes are going to be paying for thier removal.

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