Laugh of the Day

Something of a glitch somewhere in UK academia. I\’ve just been asked if I\’d like to be a reviewer of a couple of applications for academic grants.

The request was going wrong from the second word, starting as it did \”Dear Dr Worstall\”.

I did have to explain that I\’m not an academic, do not have a doctorate and certainly am not an economist. I didn\’t actually understand the title even of one of the projects they wanted me to review.

But all of that could be blagged of course and great fun could be had destroying the funding hopes of an academic or two.

They wanted me to do it for free though so obviously I turned them down.

Yes, yes, I know that\’s how academia and science work. But I\’m not part of either so ££ please for my time.

4 thoughts on “Laugh of the Day”

  1. Some years ago –

    Him: You know a bit of economics.

    Me: I attended 27 lectures.

    Him: That’s enough; would you like to be an A-level examiner?

    I declined.

    On later thoughts, maybe it was 18 lectures.

  2. I heard today that Cambridge applicants with A* grades in A-level maths need remedial classes to bring them up to scratch; you weren’t teaching them, were you?

  3. It was 9 weeks of lectures, but was it two days per week or three? Can’t really remember – God, it went so slowly – they were used to teaching economics students, you see. A class of scientists and engineers was, how shall I say?, a bloody sight brighter.

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