Living in Portugal has its advantages.

I don\’t have to be interviewed by Newsnight for tonight\’s program on milk prices.


6 thoughts on “Living in Portugal has its advantages.”

  1. If you had have been, perhaps you could have said, Yes, it’s not fair to some farmers that other farmers can out-compete them on milk production.

    It’s also not fair to milkmaids that those non-competitive farmers out-competed them once de laval created his suction machine.

    Let’s go back to milkmaids!

  2. Good grief! The Beeb turned down the chance to send an entire production team to the Algarve for a long weekend?
    The end days are truly upon us!

  3. Now if you had been based in Athens, the Today programme would have come from there tomorrow as Humphries does not need much of an excuse to visit his villa.

  4. John Humphrys just lost the plot on the Today programme this morning.

    He accused the representative of the milk processing companies of trying to “blind with science”.

    Otherwise known as presenting the facts rather than indulging in bucolic pastoral whimsy.

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