\’N\’ Jesse Norman Can Fuck Off \’N\’ All

This is not a good idea:

The final proposals were sent by the rebels’ leader Jesse Norman MP to Patrick McLoughlin, the Tory party chief whip and to Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin on Thursday.

The seven point plan includes a proposal to allow mass membership organisations – such as the CBI, TUC, General Medical Council or even the RSPB – to elect their own peers.

This is coding the Corporatist State into the legislature.

No, just no. We really do not need or want this disgusting reminder of fascism.


Our Jesse Norman has been in touch to point out that the story I\’ve based this upon is well wrong. Specifically, he assures me that the original is \”wildly misleading and inaccurate\”.

So I\’m off swearing and spouting bollocks on the basis of insufficient information. Oh such a change from the regular fare here, eh?

At least we do agree on one thing: this sort of corporatism would be an appalling thing to do.

4 thoughts on “\’N\’ Jesse Norman Can Fuck Off \’N\’ All”

  1. “Our Jesse Norman has been in touch to point out that the story I’ve based this upon is ….“wildly misleading and inaccurate”.

    So we can take it, the Torygraph story is pretty well dead on then.

    Politician & the lips are moving.

  2. Did Jesse Norman provide verifiable information to prove that the story is false? Or did he just say it is so?

  3. If it were possible to view functional representation with any degree of objectivity, (some hopes in this milieu), it might be possible to see some merits in it for a second revising chamber .The present geographical system lumps all the trades,professions ,right-wing nut-job occupations in an area into a blender and turns out a representative by volume lacking any occupational identity.(In the past you might have got coal miners or coal owners from the coal -mining constituencies but now you get chick-lit(e) Louise Mensch representing Corby, scene of Scottish migration and industrial devastation in all senses of the word.)
    With FR you could have the professions,trade unions and employers electing their representative peers on a 50/50 split: workers/ rich bastard owners and managers.This would preserve an amount of specialist knowledge which could be very usesful for APPG’s,parliamentary commissions in the second chamber’s revising capacity (only).This method of internal election would obviate the need for more general elections involving the well pissed-off public.

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