Natalie Bennett For Green Party Leader!

I had not realised this but Natalie Bennett is standing to be Leader of the Green Party.

Natalie Bennett

Standing to be the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales at Green Party of England & Wales

And this blog thoroughly supports her candidacy. As should all true Worstallians.

No, not because she agrees with us on how the world should be made greener and more pleasant. She doesn\’t, at all.

However, she is:

1) Intelligent. A rarity in politics.

2) Has actually done real work, had real jobs. Yes, copy editing is just that and a difficult one to do well.

3) A thoroughly good egg and Lord knows we need more of them around.

Of course, there\’s always the possibility that support from this quarter will be the kiss of death to her hopes of getting the job: but to any Greens who do pass by and read this.

Natalie is competent.

I for one would miss the opportunity to take the piss out of whatever woo it is that the Green Party Leader is spouting this week, as I\’ve been abe to indulge in for years now. But annoying me in that manner is indeed a good reason to vote for her, no?

10 thoughts on “Natalie Bennett For Green Party Leader!”

  1. Oh I don’t know, she is rather dismissive of the ” the pink-winged, blue-spotted fly”. Whether that’s a reference to Clegg I can’t tell.

  2. Well, she may be a professional writer, but from the evidence of her home page she has a tin ear.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    If ever there’s a case of the worse the better in politics, it must be the leadership of the Green party. I say long live Chairperson Bea Campbell!

  4. Evidence to hand appears to suggest that she’s every bit as barking as any other greeny, but I suppose that’s a requirement of the job.

  5. I don’t want a Green Party, so I don’t want a leader of the Green Party. However talented she may be, she’s just another eco-idiot!

  6. I usually vote Green. It’s true that some of their policies are barking, but some of the policies in the mainstream consensus bark back. As things stand I’m just sending a (very quiet) message, but if Ms Bennett can make the Greens more sensible I might end up voting for them on merit.

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