On Eva Rausing

Harry Mount says that it\’s all about lots of money leading to boredom and thus drugs.

I say tosh.

That someone has been ingesting industrial quantities of drugs for decades and then dies in middle age shows quite how non-dangerous drugs are.

11 thoughts on “On Eva Rausing”

  1. As Keef Richards has said, the only reason he’s still alive is that he became successful before he became an addict – he’s only ever put top quality smack into his veins, nothing cut with fibreglass and brick dust.

  2. Harry Mount’s articles is remarkably free of evidence. For every wastrel Rausing he seems to mention another two who lead extremely enjoyable and useful lives (academic jobs, writing books, running charities and nice houses in Mayfair & Highland estates).

    The fact that Eva Rausing was caught trying to smuggle coke into the US Embassy suggests she is just a confused individual.

  3. good God, I agree with Arnald (and Mr Frost). The only argument against legalising at the moment I think is practicality – it only makes sense to liberalise if all your neighbours do so at the same time. Otherwise they just end up shipping their users and junkies to you instead, as happened in the Netherlands a decade or two ago. The Dutch liberalised heroin use and Amsterdam got swamped with French and German addicts fleeing their own countries’ tighter laws.

    To put none too fine a point on it, I wouldn’t trust the French (or the EU as an institution) to promise liberalisation and then for it not to materialise if the UK went first

  4. @Flatcap Army,

    Just the sort of thing we have an EU for then, isn’t it? Write your MEP and I’ll do the same.

  5. Arnald:

    Keep up this tendency to agree, keep hangin’ around, and pretty soon, you, too, will be a right-wing nutcase. Sump’n like the junk, eh?

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