On the Olympics opening

From what I understand from the papers we have both a Queen and a method of health care in this country.

Who knew?

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  1. A wonderful opening ceremony. Though one does wonder what we’d be thinking if Paris had won the bid and we had watched a five minute “paean to the French health service”.

  2. I was snorting whisky, so my senses were dulled, but it seemed like a musical to me, and rather naff and vulgar. On the other hand, what was Boyle to do?

    Me, I’d have dipped Harperson in whale blubber and used her a human torch to light the flame, preceded by Boyle’s sheep, but in my show they’d have been on the receiving end of Welsh attentions. In another corner of the stadium I’d have put a bunch of Geordie Fat Slags flashing at the audience, and elsewhere a group of tattooed thugs from Barking getting lagered up and vomiting into the long jump pit. Finally, the thing would have been surrounded by the silent majority in a ring around the stadium. As the thugs go for them, they stand still only for hoards dayglo vested coppers to swoop and arrest the SM in a thrilling denouement.

  3. From what I understand from the papers we have both a Queen and a method of health care in this country…
    But we have no maritime history and never had an Empire (excepting the H.M.P.C. Windrush)…

  4. I would take issue with the word “method” or “system” or indeed any other word implying organisational competence.

    Actually, given current treatment of the elderly perhaps “health care” is a little dodgy too.

  5. A couple of people have pointed out to me that it defined Britishness. Had up to then been pretty sure Britishness was already defined.

  6. We also got treated to that other lefty favourite: Peasant life idyllic, industrial revolution nasty.

  7. Also… focus on the suffragettes, but no mention of the 150 years the Royal Navy spent on the oceans of the world enforcing a ban on slavery…

  8. It was an epic and generally very impressive spectacle. Probably not worth the dosh, probably incredibly biased, but an impressive spectacle nonetheless.

    It did rather fizzle out a bit after the bit that Danny Boyle directed though. The procession of Olympic Worthies (was it me or were most not athletes?), the awful Arctic Monkeys, the odd winged bikes, the tired-looking Macca having a singalong around the Olympic camp fire and the weird choice of music for the ending pyrotechnics… no I think they should have made the rest of it more like a musical too.

    Around the net people have been asking things like “I wonder if Johnny Foreigner got all of the references” but personally I don’t care. We paid for it, after all.

  9. It struck me as as pure Music Hall – not sure if it even needed a compere. Brilliant and hilarious… and gave the Olympics a tast of reality.

  10. It had some good bits. But they were only bits in the whole programme. Considering this was to a worldwide audience a lot of it would have gone over their heads. GOSH? NHS? That is what Aiden Burley was talking about, plus stuff like the black actors in top hats.

    Mr Bean is known worldwide (because he doesn’t speak so no translation costs) but is he really suitable for the Olympics?

    To me, I thought I was watching a concert, not an opening ceremony. Too much pop music.

    The Queen’s speach was good – short and to the point.

    Overall – not impressed. Not naff, nor embarassing like Atlanta, just OK.

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