Ooooh! Excellent union leak here!

Look what\’s happening to immigration as they\’re bringing in all these untrained people!

Terror suspects on the Home Office watch list are entering the UK in the runup to the Olympics without the necessary security checks, according to frontline officials at Heathrow.

One senior border officer told the Observer that inexperienced new recruits, deployed to shorten queues after complaints over lengthy waiting times, are repeatedly \”missing\” passengers of interest who should be referred to counterterrorism officers when they reach passport control.

The official said he was personally aware that three terror suspects – all of whose names are registered on the Home Office suspect index system – had been waved through by staff on his shifts since the start of July. Border officials should immediately notify counterterrorism police or MI5 if they suspect that \”SX travellers\” are attempting to enter the UK. Another colleague alleged that five suspects were \”missed\” in one day earlier this month.

A couple of things. All of this is entirely uncheckable, of course. Stories, not facts.

Plus, well, if you know that naughty boys were going through then why didn\’t you do something about it? Rather than leak to a newspaper?

And most important, what would we actually expect the union side of a protected workforce to say when new people are drafted in to do their job?

Yeah, they\’re great mate, no reason at all to have all the training and restrictive practices? Any old sod can do this job on a day\’s training?

4 thoughts on “Ooooh! Excellent union leak here!”

  1. Thank god. I thought I was the only one who thought there were more than enough holes and vested interests in this story to fuel a Union rant for 10 years. Bearing in mind its been reported over for the past 2 weeks.

    Everyone panic!

  2. Maybe if the union trolls had been doing their job effectively there wouldn’t be the need for the bail out they are currently receiving. Let’s get one thing clear, this is not a numbers game – the border has been fully staffed recently according to ministers yet still the queues mount up. This is an issue of process and system, something which the Unions have the power to sort out, yet seem reluctant to do so.

  3. Any old sod can do this job on a day’s training?

    Does it really take that long? Say hello, take passport, put it in scanner. Follow instructions on screen…

  4. This is an issue of process and system, something which the Unions have the power to sort out


    This is the UKBA we’re talking about, not a workers’ cooperative. The management of the UKBA, and ultimately the Home Office, are responsible for sorting the process and system out – not the unions.

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