Pompous little git

Brian Moylan celebrates the fact that he helped force Anderson Cooper to come out of the closet. Who either, I know. But this:

Journalism was at the center of this whole thing, and in the end, integrity won out. Cooper came to realize that, in the context of the greater struggles that gay men and women deal with in this country and around the world, sometimes we need to sacrifice a bit of our privacy for the greater good.

Miserable little tosspot.

The entire point of the whole gay rights thing is that we all get to treat who we take our underwear off with as the private information that it is. We are all entirely equal in how we describe our sexual relations to the outside world. It is of no more import if a middle aged man has a discreet arrangement with a manager of a gay bar or with the landlady of the pub around the corner.

Those who wish to parade their sexual conquests, even their love for another person, do so. Those who don\’t don\’t. And equality means that this is true of whatever arrangement of consenting adults that anyone comes up with.

Without the weasel felchers of the online tabloids making a crusade of exposing one or other arrangement for political reasons.

8 thoughts on “Pompous little git”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well on the one hand, it is not as if it was the world’s biggest secret. I mean, I knew and I am still waiting to hear how the Battle of Naseby turned out.

    On the other, why do so many of the world’s shits float down the drain and end up at the Guardian?

  2. He’s not doing a lot to dispell the caricature of gay men as whinging, bitchy, self-righteous airheads full of their own self- importance, is he?

  3. No surprise that the most common word in that article is ‘I’ – well ahead of ‘gay’ or ‘out’.

  4. Philip Scott Thomas

    Imagine the fun to be had if someone outed by ‘the weasel felchers of the online tabloids’ were to press charges against their outers, claiming homophobic bullying and discrimination based on sexual preferences. Oh, and homophobic hate-crimes. I’d pay a lot of chickens to see that.

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