Proper sexism in the wild

The players of Japan\’s world-beating women\’s football team are furious after they were forced to fly in economy class to take part in the Olympic Games, while their distinctly average male counterparts flew business class to Europe.

Of course it\’s really us whitey Anglo Saxon capitalists that are the sexists, isn\’t it?

8 thoughts on “Proper sexism in the wild”

  1. Nice to know exactly who it is that still gets to sit at the front of the plane – I’ve been wondering for some time. Obvious and I should have realised earlier – it’s those whose tickets are purchased by the taxpayer.

  2. “Of course it’s really us whitey Anglo Saxon capitalists that are the sexists, isn’t it?”

    who on earth thinks that? is that supposed to be some lefty position? Here are some well known parts of the world which any fool knows are more sexist than the West: everywhere else.

  3. In fairness, anyone who has been to Japan knows te infrastructure is first rate,the Education system excellent and the people (for the most part) polite and courteous, all of which can be attributed to the fact that until very recently, Japan hadn’t had a Left wing party near government.

    For the Left’s purposes (say for example in the case of Affirmative Action in the US) Japanese people are classified as White anyway, so the Left would probably say the Japanese are ‘de facto’ Whites. Add in decidedly un PC stances on issues like whaling and Nuclear power and they are most definitely n the Western camp

  4. Is it sexism or just financial reasons?

    Men’s football has a lot more history and therefore has a bigger fans base. Plus men are more into the competitive side generally. Therefore there is more money in men’s football and therefore men’s teams will have more money to spend. Women’s teams aren’t so popular and therefore will have less money to spend.

    The only reason it would be sexist is if the plane tickets were paid for by the Japanese FIFA without any subsidy by the teams themselves.

    Tim adds: This is the Olympics. Fares will be paid by national Olympic committee.

  5. As ‘2012’ pointed out last night, nobody buys tickets to The Beauties playing The Beautiful Game any way. Must remember to watch out for a new wave of product advertising that does not mention the product.

  6. I know from talking to Japanese women that Japan is a terribly sexist society; I think Tim’s explanation, straightforward sexism, is the right one.

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