Rachel Johnson is entirely wrong here: wholly so

Many Englishmen reserve their deepest feelings for dumb beasts, says Rachel Johnson

A calumny I say, an insult!

We\’re all entirely willing to agree that some English women have intelligence.


7 thoughts on “Rachel Johnson is entirely wrong here: wholly so”

  1. No, not WHOLLY wrong. Partly. She only said “many”, not “most”.

    And it’s probably because said dumb beasts can’t talk.

  2. Intelligence is not necessarily a quality guaranteed to generate positive deep feelings. Furthermore, dumb beasts don’t need a considerable investment of time and money before they will reciprocate affection. Neither will they walk off with two thirds of your worldly goods because you left a worn sock on the bathroom floor.

  3. If you’ve had a woman do that to you, GOM, then I respectfully submit that it may have been your selectivity at fault.

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