Remind you of anyone we know?

Perhaps it is an inner need that impels the socialist to his ideology, for I have never met an advocate of government intervention who did not admit, inadvertently, his own capacity for commissariat functions. He always has a plan, to which others must submit, and his certainty that the plan will produce the contemplated results does not permit him to brook criticism. Always he is the fanatic. If you disagree with him it is not because you are in error; it is because you are sinful.

9 thoughts on “Remind you of anyone we know?”

  1. Theodore Dalrymple has been saying similar things for years.

    Dalrymple’s a psychiatrist by training, I understand; as Basil Fawlty might have said (in respect of R Murphy), ‘Candidly, there’s enough there for an entire conference.’

  2. I guessed Hayek, though with some doubt because Hayek doesn’t usually go in for these ad hominem you’re mad tactics.
    Who’s this Chodorovski chap?

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    It reminds me of something anyone who has actually met any socialists would realise in a few minutes of conversation. And, depressingly, it sounds like every socialist I have ever met or talked to. Even my cousin who is quite nice and hides it well.

    But in fairness it also reminds me of me. I have a plan. It only requires me to be made Evil Over Lord of the Universe. Naturally anyone who objects to my plan to bring back the Gold Standard, flogging in schools, bear baiting in the High Street and Jus primae noctis between landlords and their tenants is inherently evil and ought to be dragged to Tyburn on a wicket, hanged and gibbeted until their body decomposes to nothing. I am a little old fashioned about these things.

  4. Until I threatened him with a libel suit, a certain person described me as “having contempt for the human race” because I dared to point out *one* of the two glaring errors (I was trying to be helpful and not upset him as he does get upset easily) on one of his posts [Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands are in such deep financial trouble, aren’t they?]. He had suppressed a previous post when I asked him to tithe like myself and encouraged his self-styled advocates for the poor to do the same.

  5. @ SMFS
    There are 1000 girls born very day in the United Kingdom: Charles could not manage even if he wanted to.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    john77 – “There are 1000 girls born very day in the United Kingdom: Charles could not manage even if he wanted to.”

    But they are not all his tenants.

    Besides, he could outsource that job to Chinese.

  7. “Until I threatened him with a libel suit”

    More apt would be a straitjacket.

    I wonder if any law firm would be interested in a class action, no win no fee. That might be fun.

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