Remploy on strike

Difficult one this isn\’t it?

Because of course the disabled (Oh Lord, better say differently abled, eh?) do indeed deserve our support. There but for an accident of genetics, mutation or foetal development go any one of us. Such outcomes which depend upon pure blind chance yes, it is right that we all club together, those of us who got the lucky tickets to aid those who didn\’t.


On average, each Remploy worker is subsidised by the government by £25,000 a year.

Is this the best way to do it? £25k a year is a tad over median income. That\’s a pretty hefty subsidy to a job……a job which doesn\’t pay median income.

And one more thing. How much industrial power do people receiving such subsidies have? In which case, what\’s the point of the strike?

2 thoughts on “Remploy on strike”

  1. what’s the point of the strike?

    To bring attention to their cause. To take action about something they are deeply upset about, instead of just letting it go, regardless of whether they think it will make a difference.

  2. It hardly seems fair to punish the Remploy staff for the criminal incompetence of the state. £25000 subsidy for a job that pays quite a bit less? Shades of Milton Friedman and his “Bureau of Indian Affairs” example. Most native americans lived (back in the seventies) in povertry but if the bureaucratsat the BOIA were to be sacked and the budget divided equally between all NAs a family of 4 would be on $44000 a year–a lot more back then but not too bad now.

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