@RichardJMurphy agrees that he\’s a tax avoider

Glad to see that the man has finally owned up to it:

At long last the government agrees with me on personal service companies
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Jul 232012

I have said for quite a number of years that personal service represent tax avoidance activity. I included an estimate of the cost they create in the TUC’s The Missing Billions, for example.

The thing is, we know that Murphy was using exactly this technique himself.

Fulcrum Publishing up to 2003, then The Tax Gap Ltd in 2005, 06 and 07.

So there we have it: the terror of tax avoiders is, by his own admission, a tax avoider. Indeed, the campaigner against tax avoiders is, by his own admission, a tax avoider.

Now, myself, I think that he was obeying the letter of the law and that\’s all there is to it. There\’s in fact no such thing as tax avoidance. There is only tax evasion, which is illegal, and obeying the law, which is tax compliance. Ritchie was tax compliant and there\’s an end to it.

But you\’ll notice that Richard J Murphy doesn\’t think that way. He insists that his own actions were immoral. At which point his well known Christianity should lead him to making amends, don\’t you think?

Like, perhaps, a cheque for the amount of tax and national insurance that he and his wife avoided through those personal service companies. To be sent to: The Accountant, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ. In order to aid in calculating that sum here is the Ur article on how to run a personal services company prepared earlier by one Richard J Murphy. Amusingly, an article for which it is possible the payment went into Fulcrum Publishing.

They send a nice thank you letter so I\’m told. Which he will be able to post on his blog and then we can all stop thinking of him as a…..well, fill in the blank to your satisfaction.

7 thoughts on “@RichardJMurphy agrees that he\’s a tax avoider”

  1. The previous name of “The Tax Gap Limited” was “Tax Research Limited”, which wrote the TJN report “The Price of Offshore” and others in 2005.

    So Ritchie was writing about tax avoidance while avoiding tax?

  2. And if he says the Treasury won’t accept the money, these people will and do:
    Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt
    UK Debt Management Office
    Eastcheap Court
    11 Philpot Lane
    EC3M 8UD

  3. But he’s a repentant sinner
    and those are the best ones. Those that God really loves.

    Now, me, I’m a gleeful sinner and that makes me bad, bad, bad…

  4. Don’t forget the money Murphy should, morally, according to his own principles, be paying to the Irish Treasury.

    Being an Irish citizen, it is of course unfair that he avoids Irish tax by living in England.

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