Sure, one condition

French city of Angers that was home of Plantagenets demands return of Crown Jewels
A French city that was the home of the Plantagenet line of English kings is demanding the Crown Jewels as compensation from the Queen for the execution of its last pretender to the throne.

Happily stick the Crown Jewels in Angers.

Immediately after the union of the Angevin Empire with the United Kingdom.

We\’ll have the Duchy of Normandy back too if you don\’t mind. And Brittany (they are Bretons after all).

Francois Hollande can keep the Ile de France, the bit we didn\’t have back then.

This time around let\’s do European integration properly eh?

After all, there\’s nothing wrong with France except for the French. And a couple of generations of droit de seigneur by the new British landlords will sort that out.

10 thoughts on “Sure, one condition”

  1. Having spent time in both Normandy and Brittany I must say that the girls ain’t exactly Parisian beauties, more like Norfolk Virgins (i.e. a girl who can run faster than her brother).

    So for the droit de seigneur, I think I’ll pass if you don’t mind.

  2. The Tudors who did the fell deed made much of their Welsh descent. So we should send Angers the Welsh crown jewels.

  3. “So we should send Angers the Welsh crown jewels.”

    Let’s negotiate them down to Neil Kinnock’s family jewels.

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  5. And with feeling, Mr Worstall, you can fuck right off. You & the cheval you rode in on. Didn’t acquire the place in Brittany so some arsewipe from the South Breton County Council can tell me what bins I put my rubbish in or cover the lane by the house with double yellow lines so I can’t park a car outside my own door, to the detriment of no-one.
    Perfidious Albion. We will fight them on the beaches …….etc

  6. Does no one know any history?

    Jeebus. Next I’ll be reliving the BNP “indigenous ice age” shite.

  7. >>>>Immediately after the union of the Angevin Empire with the United Kingdom.<<<<


    I'm French, I live in Angers and I definitely agree with this ! I'd love to be a part of the UK ! <3

    (Sorry for this whole "joke", people around here are stupid, really, and don't have any idea of what is really funny or not… :/ And the Accroche-Coeur festival is a huge piece of shit.)

  8. Pour l’entente franco-britannique

    Gardez les bijoux de la couronne britannique, vous les avez mille fois mérités en aidant la France en 1914/1918 et en résistant héroïquement en 1940, sans compter votre débarquement en 1944 avec les forces alliées sur les plages de Normandie. Finalement, l’histoire entre la France et l’Angleterre ressemble à un immense match de foot où chacun marque ses buts au cours des siècles ou des décennies, en sachant qu’au fond nous pouvons nous apprécier mutuellement. Ne sommes nous pas un peu cousins par Guillaume Le Conquérant ? Et la devise de la famille Royale du Royaume Uni n’est-elle pas écrite en français “Dieu et mon Droit”.

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