Telegraph Obits Dept: Must try harder

Born in Poland on October 15, 1915, Shamir emigrated to British-ruled Palestine in 1935 after his family perished in the Nazi Holocaust, and the diminutive but pugnacious immigrant soon joined Begin\’s Irgun Zionist militia.


He emigrated to Palestine in that year, yes. The Holocaust was indeed where his famiy perished. But the emigration was before the Holocaust…..1935 was before even Kristallnacht, let alone the execution camps. Goog grief, Hitler didn\’t even invade Poland until 1939.

Sorry, just not good enough, not in an obituary.

5 thoughts on “Telegraph Obits Dept: Must try harder”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Worst of all, 1939 is one of the few dates every British school boy still knows. The only one really.

  2. The Guardian’s obituary is better, not least because it manages to say a few words about Shamir’s terrorist activities in the 40s, including his role in the shameful assassination of Folke Bernadotte.

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