The Home Office: Hang \’em all

Commonwealth recruits to the British forces can claim citizenship after four years’ service.

But a Sunday Telegraph investigation has found that a growing number are being refused it. Unable to work or claim benefits, they and their families rely on charity handouts to survive.

Yes, there are rules. Yes, some of them have broken some of them.

Lance-Corporal Bale Balewai, a Fijian, served for 13 years in the Army, including operational tours to Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland, winning four medals, exemplary reports from his commanding officers and even being used in recruitment adverts.

He has a British wife and children. But he has been refused citizenship, banned from working, and faces imminent removal – because he once accepted a commanding officer’s punishment after getting into a fight with another soldier.

The punishment was imposed at a military summary hearing in the CO’s office lasting ten minutes. L/Cpl Balewai had no legal representation.

No witnesses were called and he was not told that five other soldiers were prepared to testify that he had acted in self-defence.

However, for immigration purposes, a military summary punishment counts the same as a criminal conviction in a civilian court, disqualifying the applicant from citizenship.

Give over you fucking tosspots.

We\’ll have a much more pleasant land once we\’ve hung the last Home Office Minister with the intestines of the last Home Office bureaucrat.

13 thoughts on “The Home Office: Hang \’em all”

  1. As one commentator pointed out on the DT, this man has a British wife and kids. No easy way for the HM to stop him working/ living in the UK. This is more likely to be a story of paperwork gone awry. That said watching There May strung up would be great fun.

  2. I can’t understand why I’m hearing about this case here, rather than in the ‘Guardian’ or from any of the usual left-wing ambulance-chasing lawyers who are normally clamouring to let in any jihadist or imam who has…

    Oh. Wait. He’s a decorated soldier.

    Never mind.

  3. Accepting a punishment for doing wrong, wanting to work rather than rely on handouts, being married to the mother of your children. These are obviously things that make one completely unfit to be a British Citizen. What chance would he have of integrating?

  4. Rahul – discretionary leave to remain has been abolished as of 9th July, he will now need to have lived in the UK (serving in the army abroad counts) for 20 years to get an automatic stay from deportation. Basically he needs to stay illegally until his lawyers can convince MPs to change the law, and if that fails, he needs to wait for 20 years.

  5. Not sure which way you are jumping, Tim. But to my mind, someone who has been prepared to stop a bullet on my behalf has earned a greater degree of protection against deportation than many examples we have seen where deprotation has been decreed. And why doesn’t an English wife and kids count…?

  6. Nick – I read Tim’s comment as disgust that such a minor infraction outweighs the man’s service to Q&C.

  7. Once again the British Government, of whatever hue, fuck up.Give the bloke the recognition he deserves, let him stay, work, and look after his wife and kids. Do these idiots ever consider the dipshit decisions they make.appears not. The Telegraph is well placed to make this a cause that would be well supported.

  8. That’s a messed up policy. Here in the states that sort of thing cpmsidered outside the military. Legally its more like an internal cpmpany pinishment and has no direct civilian consquences.(our equivalent is article 15 hearing) is not

  9. Yet more foul language. Where’s the outrage, or does that only get directed at people that think Worstall is a fucking wanker?

  10. “We’ll have a much more pleasant land once we’ve hung the last Home Office Minister with the intestines of the last Home Office bureaucrat.”

    and an even better land when we’ve hanged the last Home Office Minister with the intestines of the last Home Office bureaucrat

  11. Arnald

    For once I’m not going to object to the language you’re using. I think the point is that we come here to read Tim’s posts, rather than your utterly ignorant diatribes. (And, as I point out constantly, unlike on your Ideological gurus’ website, Tim does allow a pretty much ‘open door’ policy on comments) This comment does, however, mark an upturn in qualty – long may it continue….

  12. It is absolutely disgusting that this man is being faced with leaving this wife and children, (something he has done for 13 years fighting for this country), when he should now be able to stay and build a life with them. This Government should wake up, criminals are allowed to stay (against their Human Rights), yet we can throw out a man that has served this Country with valour. Where is Theresa May now???? There should be a petition we can sign, I am sure that thousands would.

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