These handicappers know what they\’re doing eh?

World\’s number 4 tennis player loses to world number 1 player.

Ho hum.

6 thoughts on “These handicappers know what they\’re doing eh?”

  1. Murray didn’t lose to the world number 1. Federer only became number 1 after his victory.

    Sorry, just too tempting.

  2. They’re not handicapping, they’re ranking for play order so that in theory 1 plays 2 in the final and not in the first round.

  3. yeah i forgot that the premise is worstall+drivel=this blog

    but hey, no edit but the drift is clear.

    And I don’t give a toss.

  4. Just shows that Arnald does not know what he is talking about. Of course he doesn’t give a toss, when did he ever?
    An intelligent critic might have mentioned the Men’s Doubles where the tabloids described a Dane as British

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