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How much equalising of incomes is enough?

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  1. Hmm. The current system works one way, therefore

    A strategy for reducing inequality and poverty that doesn’t raise taxes and increase benefits and services looks as if it is starting off with a massive disadvantage.

    It is impossible that there is a different way? How about getting more of that lower decile in to work?

    Oh, sod. We’re talking relative poverty again, aren’t we. Therefore there is nothing that can be done.

  2. The fundamental problem with wealth redistribution is that it is self-reinforcing, a vicious circle. The more you redistribute, the more you have to redistribute, and eventually your economy collapses.

    As any non-zero amount of equalisation eventually becomes 100%, the correct amount is zero.

  3. Tim that ASI article is written by Anonymous. Went there from Guido, thought it would have to be yours.

    Alan Douglas

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