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At the ASI.

Yes, the UK has high housing costs. The solution would seem to be making it cheaper for people to build houses. Like, you know, issuing more planning permissions.

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  1. Here we go again.Just issue loads of planning permissions and all the developers will fall over themselves to build more houses, bringing prices down all the while, in this the best of all possible worlds .
    Yeah right. Its a wonder you hard- headed right wingers can be so soft.
    As this is printed under the Adam Smith aegis, where is the mention of the Land Tax he favoured which would force people with planning permissions to build and not leave them inactive?It sometimes appears that the Adam Smith message is misrepresented by this mob.

  2. > DBC Reed

    It is land values that would come down , not house values and Builders don’t make a profit on land values, in principal.

  3. @D
    What, lower land prices can’t lead to lower house prices?This is Tw’s whole argument.
    Why the capital on builders and the adjectival spelling of principle BTW?

  4. You could never build enough houses, because the population is continually rising. But I know that on planet libertarian, there is no such thing as a limit, so everything would be hunky dory.

  5. > DBC Reed

    builders would not be disincentivized by falling land prices, if their business model is making money on house construction.

    if actually that wasn’t the subject of your comment, what is it that you think is flawed in the idea that that more planning permission would lower prices.

  6. @D
    Just that if more planning permissions were available (there’s nothing stopping people getting them now) developers would not rush to build because this would crash the market and make things horribly competitive which businesses do n’t want( Adam Smith had something to say about the propensity of businesses to combine against the public interest).Even the price of existing houses would go down.It is in the property market’s interest to ration supply by restricting new build to the precise level that does n’t set off a deflationary run down.

  7. build them high , build them close until people have to flee the uk to actually own a ‘house’.
    The people left behind would be socialists by nature – so they will be content.

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