Timmy elsewhere

For if people can just do it for themselves then what price politicians and their client states of clipboard wielding box tickers? How can government justify nicking 50% of everything everyone produces in a year if it turns out that problems can be solved just by people of good heart getting on with things? Who needs fucking generals when the sergeants of society can organise the little platoons?

That’s what’s motivating Timms, Green and Creagh: as and when they get back into office they want to make sure that they get to tell people what to do instead of leaving us all to get on with it.

Sod ‘em. Free people have solved this problem freely. Leave ‘em alone.

5 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. I think it’s terrible that poor people can’t afford to buy food and are having to rely, in ever-greater numbers, on charity food banks.

    I also think it’s terrible that milk is being sold so cheap.

    I… er…

  2. Ah but accept charity from, er, charities, is demeaning whereas accepting welfare from the Government isn’t.

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