Welcome to the 2013 Olympics

With less than two weeks to go to the opening ceremony, the main park remains a construction site, and national teams, who begin arriving in London tomorrow, will have to stay away.

One team chief said yesterday: “We were told the Olympic Park won’t open until the 23rd. This is a week later than what we expected. We were told this is because of some construction issues in the park.

“We were assured they are relatively minor but it has come as a surprise because we had been told for some months now that the park was on time and ready, and it isn’t.’’


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the 2013 Olympics”

  1. Sources said the problems had been caused by the wet weather

    I might accept that excuse if this was Qatar hosting it, but rain, in June, in England?

  2. Hmmm I wonder if the wet weather may have made it difficult to, oh I don’t know, apply a finish to an exterior service that must be dry for it to work. Hmm maybe the delays were caused by having to get some protection in place and getting the surface dry.

    All construction sites look like construction sites until the job is complete as it costs less to do the teardown and clean up once instead of twice when all the snags are identified and need to be fixed.

  3. Should not cause too much hardship it will take about a week to get from Heathrow to Stratford.

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