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Worstall books elsewhere

Little Big Sis is doing it again. Freebie Kindle book at Amazon today.

I must remind her to try getting people to buy a book occasionally instead of always having one going for free. Mebbe.

In other news she says, fresh from being taken ill on holiday, that the A&E in Malaga is not a great place to spend a Friday night.

Further, it seems that the risk factors for a detached retina are, familial occurrence (Little Big Sis), green or blue eyes (green for me, blue for LBS), age (both of us), short sighted (both) and female (so I\’ve only four instead of five risk factors. Great).

Ho hum.

1 thought on “Worstall books elsewhere”

  1. Perhaps she sees these as a loss leader. When she writes fifty shades of green (set in Ireland) she will make a killing.

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