A slight bias at The Guardian perhaps?

The changes sought by students who have been protesting and boycotting classes all week would fundamentally overhaul a school system that has been privatised since the 1973-90 dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.

Actually, it seems that the schools aren\’t privatised at all. It seems that they run a pure voucher system. Very similar to the Swedish system in fact. Although with the possibility of \”voluntary\” top ups (the \”\” because we know how voluntary can turn out).

The actual list of demands seems to be here. And it\’s rather more about the universities than the schools.

1 thought on “A slight bias at The Guardian perhaps?”

  1. So the ideal Worstallian edmcation system is presumably one in which government, private sector, any sensible or loonybin type can run a school, but they can’t charge more than the government-issued voucher’s value.

    Sounds reasonable.

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