A Swiftian Reverse Irish

A provincial official in Argentina was suspended Wednesday over his proposal that low-income children be fed pigeon meat to counteract a surge in the bird population.

Beats feeding the poor children to rich ones…..

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  1. What on earth is wrong with pigeon ? It’s a posh restaurant staple.

    The highly regarded nose-to-tail St John restaurant in Smithfield have it on today’s menu served with chicory for £17.

  2. Those are wood pigeons. Not the feathered rats that infest most urban areas, scrofulous with disease and usually lacking the requisite number of toes…

  3. Americans (and a few Europeans) pay large sums of money to go dove shooting in Argentina, particularly Cordoba where this guy comes from. Eg http://www.argentinadovehunting.com

    Assuming Argentinians shoot them as well, there must be thousands of pigeons going spare – the amazing thing is if they aren’t already being distributed.

  4. Pigeon is delicious and I can recommend several recipes to our Argentinian friend.

    It’s a shame that here in Frankfurt I can only get French-made farmed pigeon, probably hand-reared by a buxom milkmaid or such, and with the price tag to match, not English, fresh from the shoot, sold out of a bucket at £3 a brace.

  5. Here in Callao locally caught pigeon is popular in the rougher, poorer areas. It’s very nice and not usually diseased – tried it myself. It’s free too.

    Mind you, you don’t see many cats around those parts either…

  6. Looking through the comments today, I see that James V lives in Germany, and that another frequent commenter, cuffleyburgers, seems to live in Italy (see the global warming thing).

    As ever, I applaud the cosmopolitan nature of this blog’s author and followers (Blokes in France, Spain etc), but am surprised that all UKIPPERs seem to live anywhere but the UK. Do they read this to remind them of the old country, like expats listening to Radio 4 and asking visitors to bring Marmite?

    Tim adds: Can’t take Marmite on planes these days. I know, it’s been tried.

    Well, you can’t take it in hand luggage and who flies on a cheapo ticket with anything more than that?

    As to Ukippers and Europe: none of us think there’s anything wrong at all with Europe or Europeans. It’s a particular political system we dislike, not a continent nor its people.

  7. I wonder if anyone’s tried taking dead pigeons in their carry on. I got stopped a few weeks ago in Berlin, with a lump of cheddar. Apparently it looks like a liquid on the scanners, possibly something extremely dangerous like shampoo or toothpaste. Still, they let me keep it.

  8. Right, anybody who posts approvingly on the blog is a UKIPer.

    Just for the record, I’m not. I only advise the local proto-vermin on his election leaflets. Nor am I resident abroad. But I might be. But then it will have to be the EIP by then …

  9. Just try bringing cheese through the US. Last time I was back in Blighty I toyed with the idea of bringing a big lump of Stilton back, but dropped the idea when I realised how gutted I’d have been if the Grenzpolizei had nicked it. Especially since Americans are such appalling peasants when it comes to cheese, they’d have binned it instead of eating it.

  10. @ David Gillies
    It’s not just cheese – when I was in my early twenties I spent a fortnight with my younger sister and brother-in-law who were taking Ph Ds in adjacent universities and they bought me a bus ticket to Niagara. I walked over the bridge to Canada and on my return the border officials confiscated the orange that I had bought in the USA.

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