Bad news for the socialists

London 2012: Baton blunder

It appears that us Brits just aren\’t all that good at this collective stuff…….

5 thoughts on “Bad news for the socialists”

  1. As the US women’s sprint relay team broke the world record, it seems Americans are great at collectivism.
    It might be better to regard passing the baton as an exchange, rather than as an act of collectivism.

  2. Well, we used to be. We won the 4×100 at Athens. In previous Olympics and World Championships, we’ve won medals for the relays.

    The problem is that we have gone from being a nation that was pretty good at sprinting to one that is pretty ropey and a lot of that is about how funding is allocated in order to game the medals table. If you’re likely to get on the podium for the 50km walk, you’ll get more money than a top 8 finisher in the 100m.

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