Harry in the Nuddy


What, actually, is the problem? A game of \”strip billiards\”? That\’s it?

Please, back to sleep peoples.

15 thoughts on “Harry in the Nuddy”

  1. I think the broadsheets are using the excuse of “press freedom” as a reason to make this a news issue. Should St James Palace put pressure on the UK media not to publish ?

    I’d like to think they wouldn’t publish in the first place as this was clearly a private party, there’s no scandal (it’s perfectly legal and he isn’t married) and the person with the camera phone clearly is breaking his or her friends’ trust.

    What next a No 10 window cleaner with a camera phone taking a snap of Cameron in the bath ?

  2. What else can be expected of a young man in his position? He’s one of a tiny handful of men who will constantly find women throwing themselves at him. Why is anyone surprised he takes advantage of the fact?

    Prurience masquerading as disgust is the last refuge of the jealous.

  3. Can we just get over the concept of “in the public interest”.

    The main reason newspapers exist is to spread gossip. It’s masked as “news” but in reality it is all about reality TV and other celeb stuff. There is some news in it such as reporting of crimes, accidents, disasters, politics, etc. There is also propoganda. But that stuff is not what sells. It is the gossip that does that.

    None of the real news is in the public interest. Hypocrisy aside, the sexual antics of celebs or politicans is not in the public interest. Everything else a celeb or politician does is just pure gossip. So nothing the newspapers do is in the public interest. It’s all to do with selling papers.

    So printing Harry’s nude pictures is perfectly OK. It sells copy.

  4. @dave (#2) Strip billiards is a much finer game than strip pool. In strip pool you only get to force your opponent to remove nine items of clothing. In the 19th century you’d barely get a flash of petticoat from that. Even these days a girl would only have to make sure she had a pash and a hat and you’d be snookered. So to speak.

    billiards, on t’other hand, potentially unlimited.

    I did enjoy the fact that the Independent’s front page had a strap reading “and what is strip billiards, anyway?”. Seriously, if your readers can’t work it out from first principles you should probably worry about other things, like whether they can read at all.

  5. I played strip chess once- one item to be removed for each piece taken.

    I, confident of my superior chess abilities, made no special preparation, while the lady in question grabbed a jacket, put her shoes on, and generally increased the number of removable items as much as she could.

    Rather to my surprise, I ran out of removable items before she did.

    Just as she was savouring the idea of victory, I reminded her of a fundamental rule: “When strip chess is played on a Tuesday, the man always wins”.

    She was surprised by this, but, judging by the manner in which I was able to enjoy my winnings, I don’t think she was too disappointed.

  6. @Sadbutmadlad:
    “None of the real news is in the public interest.”

    Don’t you mean that the public (in general) aren’t interested in real news?

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