In which we declare Ms. Edith Bosch this blog\’s representative of the new civility

A special mention to Dutch judo bronze Edith Bosch who, enraged by a lout throwing a bottle onto the track behind the 100m men\’s finalists punched out the offender after which he was thrown out of the stadium and arrested:

\”Some drunk in front of me throws a bottle onto the track!! I hit him … Unbelievable,\” she said, adding the hashtags \”angry\” and \”norespect\”.
She revealed in her next tweet that she had missed the race in the commotion: \”Dammit … and I missed the 100m! What a BEEP\”.This is one aspect of \”the new civility\” which I feel we should encourage.


A little more punching of louts would improve society.

7 thoughts on “In which we declare Ms. Edith Bosch this blog\’s representative of the new civility”

  1. Would you want to spend any length of time in intimate physical contact with a lout? I hope she washed her fist afterwards.

  2. I see he has the modern day mark of a lout too, the double-barrelled name. Once a sign the person had breeding and class. Now, so often a sign of mother’s many partners…

  3. Remarkably little drinking in the Olympic Park. Maybe something to do with the £5 a pint price, but still, I never saw any rowdiness at all. It was like being abroad.

  4. @JuliaM: that amuses me too. Strange how something can go through 180 degrees in a short(ish) time. What I want to know is though, what happens when double barrel chav has kid with double barrel chavette? Do you get quadruple barrel kid?

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