Normally we\’re against populism

You know, it\’s just pandering to the prejudices of the mob. Whipping up the idiots.

But then this is election season:

Paul Ryan’s Faux Populism

So Robert Reich says that not pandering to the prejudices of the mob is a bad idea.

3 thoughts on “Normally we\’re against populism”

  1. Can we all agree that all public figures – I mean journalists, Democratic operatives and politicians, etc – commenting on Romney’s disinclination to release his tax returns, should release theirs?

    Fair’s fair, innit?

  2. Dennis The Peasant

    Personally, I find the policy implications of knowing the fine details of Mitt Romney’s personal tax returns to be staggering.

  3. Dennis:

    If by “implications…staggering,” you mean that the details of someone’s business and conduct of business ought, by right, to remain (without very
    good reason otherwise) to remain THEIR business, I could not agree more emphatically.

    The principal exception (in my opinion) to that rule would be for some period of time when the subject was: a.) an elected official AND b.) not subject to a “blind trust” type arrangement of their financial affairs.

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