Own.Guardian. Petard. Hoist.


Mr Hunt has asked media regulator Ofcom to investigate whether the deal, which gave Global control of more than half of the UK’s radio market, was in the public interest amid concerns that it reduced “media plurality” – the range of voices and opinions available.

Global is the UK’s biggest radio business, while GMG Radio, which includes the Real and Smooth Radio stations, is the third.

It being, of course, the Guardianistas who have led the charge against media concentration.

Goose, gander, sauce sorta thing….

3 thoughts on “Own.Guardian. Petard. Hoist.”

  1. Meeja concentration is only A Bad Thing when it’s in the hands of the Evil Murdoch Evil Empire. If the concentration is in the hands of left-wing public-sprited and impartial bodies such as the BBC and Global, it is pre-eminently A Good Thing. Any fule nose that.

  2. Hmmm, from the RAJAR figures the BBC seems to have ~54% and Commercial stations ~43%. I’m not sure what the missing couple of percent is due to. It looks as if the BBC should be the one being broken up.

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