Plse retweet: @worstall\’s kickstarter

I\’m told by the people who run Kickstarter that the way to make one of these crowdfunding projects work is to get the word out. Rather like a chain letter, if you send 10 letters and each recipient sends 10 letters and… get the picture.

The project is here.

The full link is: \”\”

If any/everyone would like to help out by blogging, tweeting/Facebooking/linked inning then I\’d be most grateful.

The place I\’d really like it to get around is The City. Anyone part of the sort of networks that send things viral around there?

As an aside, I mentioned two economists in my pitch. Both have chipped in. Perhaps I should have mentioned more of the academy?

3 thoughts on “Plse retweet: @worstall\’s kickstarter”

  1. Dear Tim If you could connect the project to facebook it would make things very much easier.

    regards, GOM

  2. You also need some women. As far as I can tell, and I didn’t try very hard, all of your backers are men.

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