@RichardJMurphy questions to which the answer is no

Now of course the Mint could be printing Euros for Greece.

Or is it printing drachmas, just in case?

No. The Royal Mint is a mint. It produces coins.

You do not print coins. You mint, perhaps strike, even cast them.

You print banknotes. The Royal Mint does not print banknotes.

The place to look for contracts to print new drachmae is in the accounts of De La Rue……

5 thoughts on “@RichardJMurphy questions to which the answer is no”

  1. De La Rue have maintained their usual veil of complete secrecy but have been rumoured to be printing not only drachma notes but a full suite of European currencies just in case. If it’s true then they’ll make a packet out of the contract.

  2. Used to fish in the river by their factory when I was a kid. Amazing. In all that time nothing blew over the fence. Nothing. Stingy bastards.

  3. When I was managing banking investigations, I always wanted to amass enough blackmail evidence on a De La Rue exec to get them to print off one of those presentation copies of the € notes for me. But with the (very nice) soft porn backs that were done. It would have been worth the extra few days in purgatory.

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