If he’s so keen to understand why isn’t he in discussion with me, the Tax Justice Network, the TUC, PCS, and others, all of whom disagree with him?

That is, HMRC should debate with Ritchie under his four different hats. For they all are Ritchie.

The rest of it is even more amusing. His case is that as HMRC keeps rebutting his figures that means he must be correct. The more effort they put into insisting he\’s spouting drivel the more accurate he must be.

8 thoughts on “Ritchielogic”

  1. Apparently elsewhere in the article:

    ‘Third, why if HMRC are serious do they ignore all the counter arguments I’ve ever put forward to their suggestions, not least about my work (where many of the claims they make are ridiculous, at best, and worthy of Tim Worstall at worst)? Many of those counter arguments are here.’

    Which basically means to me he’s already lost the argument. Self – confidence doesn’t seem to me to be one of his weakpoints…..

  2. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    HMRC are strangers to reason, facts, logic and trivia of that sort, and many of the claims they make are indeed ridiculous, as anyone who has ever dealt with them will know.

  3. Most human beings in HMRC are OK: its their computer systems that are strangers to reason facts and logic. I once had a nice young lady ‘phone me to ask for a copy of the computerised form about which I had (as “required by law”) written to point out 6 errors as their computer had wiped it from its memory replacing with another (and then yet another) inaccurate form before she got down the pile of letters to mine ….

  4. He’s a missed dose away from being the Time Cube guy with that logic. Classic conspiracy theorist behaviour.

  5. I agree that Ritchie and the Tax Justice Network (pullease!) are one and the same but the PCS (which pays Ritchie) and the TUC (not sure) are different outfits entirely.

    Where they coagulate, like blood seeping from the wound is that they believe in the same tired old Marxist dogma.

    In that respect they are very much the same.

  6. I note that Murphy’s first complaint is that HMRC has gone to the trouble of addressing his arguments. I don’t know why they bothered either.

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