Ritchie\’s incredible result

As they also note:

Performance has improved from 48% of calls handled in 2010/11 to 74% in 2011/12, but HMRC said more needed to be done to provide a better service.

Those statistics are astonishing. So badly has HMRC been denuded of staff, and so low was morale under Dave Hartnett, that less than half of phone calls were answered.

As the number of people at HMRC has declined the rate at which phone calls are answered has risen.

Ritchie uses this as an argument in favour of increasing the number of people at HMRC.

5 thoughts on “Ritchie\’s incredible result”

  1. Is Murphy saying that the reason that they didn’t answer the ‘phone is not that they were busy but (“low morale”) that they just couldn’t be bothered?
    In which case we *certainly* don’t need to hire any more staff – just get the ones there to do the job that they are paid to do.
    For the avoidance of doubt – I do NOT believe that to be the case, just that is what Murphy is saying and that he is wrong as usual. The staff were overwhelmed by more ‘phone calls than they could answer because their computer sent out hundreds of thousands of forms that were wrong with demands that the taxpayer must point out the error.

  2. Hmm – in the ‘call centre biz’ numbers mean everything. I’ve read what I can about this and can’t work out whether they mean:

    – only 48% of calls were answered at all, which is an abandon rate of +50 %and now >70% with apparently less staff or what they mean.

    Traditional business numbers are 90% of calls answered within 15 seconds, with an abandon rate of 5% max.

    No doubt once Ritchie has dealt with Barclays, run HMRC, sorted the economy etc (all by Tuesday each week) he’ll turn his attention statistical reporting by call centres.

  3. There is one great thing about the move to call centres and the departure from HMRC of the vast majority of decent tax officers and inspectors – it makes tax evasion so much easier, provided you aren’t a PAYE drone.

    We should also be unsurprised about Ritchie advocating more staff for HMRC as he is paid by PCS, the main staff union at HMRC.

    Why does the word ‘shill’ spring to mind.


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