\’Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time\’ author Mark Haddon complains he does not pay enough tax
A multi-millionaire author has written to his MP to say he does not think he pays enough tax.

Make your cheque out to The Accountant, The Treasury, 2 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1A.

They will send a thank you note.

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  1. I wonder if Mr. Haddon uses an accountant to ensure he pays only that tax which is due?
    If Mr Haddon is unhappy that he retains too much of his hard-earned income, there are many charities, some of which whose activities he may approve of, who would be glad to rid him of his intolerable burden.

  2. “Haddon told the Sunday Times he had annoyed his accountant by insisting on paying all tax that was due rather than seeking to avoid it.”

    Really? I doubt that. His accountant gets paid regardless.

    He might view him as a fool, but I doubt very much he’s annoyed him.

    Sounds like a case of projection to me…

  3. @ Warren
    Why voluntary? I’d introduce a compulsory rate of 95% for all the smug left-wing twats, which they would be forced to sign up for on national tv.

  4. @ Jonathan (7)

    We don’t yet have a *reliable* mechanism for identifying smug left-wing twats, so the tax code needs to be voluntary.

    Once in place there’s no excuse for lefties like Mr. Haddon not to put their money where their mouth is.

    Which enables a nice pithy rebuttal.

    Polly T – “I’d happily pay more tax”
    Rebuttal – “So why haven’t you signed up for the new tax code then?”

  5. If Mr Haddock, following the advice of his accountant, formed the usual service company, then the Co would pay for the Co audit and be deductible. The accountant would then, as is usual, do the easy bit and fill in the self-assessment form for nothing.

  6. What Ian Bennett said. A donation from Haddon alone would make little difference. Surely this point, made perfectly clear in the Telegraph article, is not too subtle for even the less intelligent right-winger to grasp.

  7. The criticism of Mark Haddon is a little unfair here. He isn’t being disingenuous (or even cowardly), by trying to hide a political viewpoint behind a seemingly straight-forward statement about his finances. He openly says that he thinks the tax rate should be higher for everyone in his bracket. As it happens, I don’t particularly agree, but he is entitled to his opinion.

  8. @ PaulB

    “little difference”?

    What is a big difference except lots of little differences?

    And seeing one person put their money where their mouth is might encourage the others?

  9. This debate is silly. Mr h may or may not pay too little tax. His opinions on the subject may or may not be right. But the idea that the deficit can be solved by charitable donations is fuck- witted idiocy. Maybe if the readers of this blog actually lived in the UK and were actually affected by UK tax policies we could have an adult debate.

  10. The point is Mark Haddon said “I should be paying more tax.”

    The guy is a professional writer with at least two (actually pretty good) best sellers to his name. As such I think people are entitled to take him at his word. If he wants to enjoy the smug feeling of telling everyone that he thinks he should be paying more tax, it is only fair and to be expected that people respond with “well why don’t you, there’s nothing stopping you”.

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