Solving the really important world problems

So just what is the best way to make a bacon sarnie?

Other than, you know, just more bacon?

25 thoughts on “Solving the really important world problems”

  1. Lots and lots and lots of Bacon and equal amounts of HP sauce, the ONLY brown sauce. For novices Daddies is ok, but own brands are banned, and ketchup is just wrong. If you must have bread with your bacon sarnie it should be slathered in salty butter, and more bacon, and extra HP.

  2. No bacon sarnie is complete without a fried egg and all between some of the wife’s freshly made bread.

  3. Fresh bread, no butter, fried egg with runny yolk soaked into bread, mushies, HP and streaky bacon with rind on. And yes, SimonF, probably better if between the wife’s something or other, if you can multi-task.

  4. “No HP, just butter and mustard.” What the hell is wrong with you? Mustard is the go for other porcine delights, sausies and chops, but bacon and HP is a match made in heaven. Nature could not come up with such perfection, bacon and HP is proof there is a God.

    Tim adds: “”No HP, just butter and mustard.” What the hell is wrong with you? ”

    Ambrose lived in Belgium for years and is therefore untrustworthy on the subject of food. It’s sad but it happens….

  5. Sarnie? Surely you mean buttie.

    I don’t know why, but when I was in the Army they were know as bacon banjos.

  6. White bread. Plenty of bacon, preferably streaky. Straight from pan so still a bit of grease for moisture. Brown source if you must. NO lettuce, tomato or vegetable of any sort.

  7. Philip Scott Thomas

    Two slices of white bread, toasted but not buttered. A shed-load of smoked streaky bacon, fried until crispy. Lettuce, tomato, mayo.

    That toasting of the bread – that’s the bit that the British just cannot seem to get right with the BLT.

  8. Philip Scott Thomas. BLT? Awae with you and your namby pamby North American ways. The question related to *bacon* sandwiches. When we want to know about rabbit food, we’ll ask.

  9. Ingrdients:
    Oven baked thick cut rindless smoked bacon.
    Thick cut white homemade bread
    An egg, soft fried
    Black pepper coarse ground
    Sauce, red.
    Butter bread on the OUTSIDE
    Fill with bacon
    Fry sandwich until mid-gold both sides
    Add egg and pepper and sauce.
    Large mug tea
    Die in heaven

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  11. i have recently discovered that bacon is best fried in a hot pan, quickly, about 3 minutes until starting to crisp. Just comes out better than frying on medium, though there’s more smoke and mess.

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