Subsidy sucking scumbucket bastards

Here\’s an interesting list. It is described as \”diverse\”.

Over 200 diverse organisations have signed a letter to PM David Cameron and DPM Nick Clegg.

I will admit not to having checked each and every one of them. But as far as I can see it\’s a list of subsidy sucking scumbucket bastards. Which is not my understanding of the word \”diverse\”.

Gaynor Hartnell, Chief Executive, Renewable Energy Association

Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director, Forum for the Future

Frances O’Grady, Deputy General Secretary, TUC

Penny Shepherd, Chief Executive, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association

Ben Caldecott, Head of Policy, Climate Change Capital

Richard Nourse, Managing Partner, Novusmodus LLP

Sally Hunt, General Secretary, University and College Union

Gareth Swales, Director, Fred. Olsen Renewables

Alan Whitehead MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group (PRASEG)

Sir Tim Smit, Chief Executive, Development, The Eden Project

Joan Walley MP, Chair, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee

Dafydd Elis-Thomas AM, Chair, Environment and Sustainability Committee National Assembly for Wales

Claudia Beamish MSP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and the Environment

Angela Bryant, Executive Director, 10:10

Dr Doug Parr, Chief Scientist and Policy Director, Greenpeace UK

Craig Bennett, Campaigns and Policy Director, Friends of the Earth

Ed Mayo, Secretary General, Co-operatives UK

Dr. Jonathan Scurlock, Chief Adviser, Renewable Energy and Climate Change, National Farmers\’ Union

Tony Juniper, Environmentalist, Writer & Sustainability Advisor

Paul Monaghan, Head of Social Goals and Sustainability, The Co-operative Group

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association

Stephen Ainger, Chief Executive, Partnerships for Renewables Development Company Ltd

Dr Thomas Williamson, Research and Development Manager, Kingspan Renewables

Paul Barwell, Chief Executive, Solar Trade Association

Julia Lynch Williams, Managing Director, RWE npower renewables

The Hon T C T Lewin, Chief Executive, I2BF CAPITAL

Helen L Woolley, Director General, Country Land and Business Association

Dale Vince OBE, Ecotricity Founder, Ecotricity

Graham Peterson, Secretary, Greener Jobs Alliance

Howard Johns, Managing Director, Southern Solar

Merlin Hyman, Chief Executive, Regen SW

Keith Sonnet, Chair, Alliance for Jobs and Climate

Neil Liddell-Young, Renewable Energy Manager, Severn Trent Water

David Owen, Chief Executive, Solar Media Ltd

Graham Brown, Director, Burcote

Stewart Wallis, Executive Director, New Economics Foundation

Chris Church, Chair, UK Low Carbon Communities Network

Tony McNally, Managing Director, Climate Change Solutions

Charles Perry, Partner, SecondNature

Jeremy Jacobs, Managing Director, Association for Organics Recycling

Robert Hokin, Chief Executive, EcoConnect

Julia Craik, Director, The Premises Studios

Dr Mark Hinnells, Solutions Director, Susenco Management Ltd

Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK

Mike Clark, CEO, RSPB

Ben Goldsmith, Partner, WHEB Partners

Francesca Draper, Graduate ICE Energy Panel Member, Institution of Civil Engineers

Keith Tovey MA PhD CEng MICE CEnv, Reader Emeritus, University of East Anglia

Richard Griffin, CEO, LowC Communities Ltd

Philip Walker, Logistics Officer Biomass Fuel, Drax Power

Christos Panayiotou, Marketing Manager, Trade Skills 4U

Steve Sharratt OBE, Group Chief Executive, Bio Group Limited

Mark Candlish, Director, GB Renewables Investments Ltd

Richard Mardon, Chief Executive, Airvolution Energy Ltd

Anthony Morgan, Managing Director, Newform Energy Ltd

Nigel Brunton-Reed, Director, Kier Energy Solutions Ltd.

Neil Kermode, Managing Director, European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)

David Maloney, Director, Elfsec Ltd

Gary Jones, Director, Langage AD

Dominic Costello, Managing Director, Wind Energy Direct

Alex Young, Director, Cobalt Energy Limited

Bob Bowden, Director, Cleaner Air Solutions Ltd

Jeremy Pallant, Manager, Foster Renewable Energies Limited

George Percy, Managing Director, Cluff Geothermal

Paul Zanin, Project Planning Director, Express Energy

Jim Kenney, Managing Director, Chelsfield Solar Ltd

Dr Les Gornall, Process Consultant, PROjEN

Betty Xiong, Marketing Director, Samil Power

Derek Hobbs, Proprietor, Solar Water

James Terry, Sales Director, Solar Living (UK) Ltd

C O Yeatman, Director, Farmergy Ltd

Simon O Neill, Director, GT Energy Limited

Kathy McVeigh, Managing Director, CoolSky

Dr Ralf Trottnow, Director, Biossence Ltd

John Davies,Managing Director, E And J Solutions

Dr D J Fulford, Director, Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd

Joanne Pollard, Chief Executive, CO2Sense CIC

Marie Wren, Managing Director, Green Ability Limited

Tim Minett, Chief Executive, CPL Industries

Jake Burnyeat, Director, Communities for Renewables CIC

Tim Evans, Process Engineer, Viridor

Brian Davidson, Chief Executive Officer, Geothermal International Limited

Louise Howlett, Director, R A Brown Heating Services Ltd

Andrew Needham, Commercial Director, Biogen

Alexander Maddan, Chief Executive, Agrivert Ltd

Sanjay Bowry, Chief Executive, Dulas Ltd

Dr Jane Gilbert, Principal, Carbon Clarity

Carol Law, Director, Sun2Solar Ltd

John Griffiths, Director, JWG Consulting Ltd

Satish Chander Kler, Engineering and Operations Director, Gasrec Limited

S. Sabba, Director & Maureen Butler, Finance Co-ordinator, Rayotec Ltd

Dan Wright, Chief Executive, Heliex Power Ltd

Edmund Gmitrowicz, Director, The Environment and Sustainability Partnership Ltd

Graham Stowell, Managing Director, Bronzeoak Ltd

Ryan Daly, Managing Director, Daly Renewables Ltd

Peter Speakman, Director (Contracts), Red Kite Renewables Ltd

Geff Fox, Managing Director, Enlightened Solar Ltd

Peter Mccormack, Renewable Sales and Operations Manager, Deepings Building and Plumbing Supplies

Söhnke Neumann, Sales Manager Europe, Ökobit GmbH

Guy Macpherson-Grant, Managing Director, EGS Energy Limited

Kier Wilkinson, Partner, Macclesfield Renewables

Justin Blackwood, Director, Justin Blackwood Energy Consultants

Philip Redfern, Director, Chesterfield BioGas Ltd

Edward Billington, Managing Director, Billington Biofuels

Simon Phipps, Director, Solafields Ltd

Bob Chesney, Director, Abbeyrise Solar Power Ltd

Mr L Ashley, Director, Evo-Eco Ltd

Ed Bastow, Managing Director, Material Change Ltd

Charles Holford, Director, West Wales Renewable Energy

James Heath, Managing Director, UK Bioenergy Ltd

Karl Hick, Managing Director, Larkfleet Group

Rob Heap, Director, Rob Heap Consulting Ltd

Mark Krull, Director, Logic Certification Ltd

Howard Watson, Director, Brill Energy Ltd

Jonathan Selwyn, Managing Director, Lark Energy

Paul Hallinan, Director, Brill Energy Ltd

Kevin Downes, Business Development Director, Solar Advanced Systems

Max Aitken, Director, Estover Energy Ltd

David Hunt, Director, Eco Environments Ltd

Toddington Harper, Managing Director,

Peter Robson, Director, Tecta-Solar Ltd

Robert Storey, Director, KrugLINE Ltd

G Blake Thomas Ceng MCIBSE, Managing Director, Advanced Ergonomic Technologies Ltd

Keith R Payne, Director, Renpower Investments UK Ltd (The RENPower Group)

David Lowe, Managing Director, Catch-22 Solutions Limited

John Sulley, Director, Warwick Energy Limited

Nicholas Tapp, Partner, Head of Agribusiness, Bidwells

Julian Marks, Managing Director, Barfoot Energy Limited

Jamie Stewart, Director, McDonald Engineers (UK) Ltd

Martin Fellerman, Managing Director, M-ART Consultants Ltd

Mark Smith, Managing Director, Newark Copper Cylinder Co Ltd

Colin Rank, Chairman, Kemble Farms Ltd

John Curry, Managing Director, JRC Services UK Limited

Ben Robinson, Director, Tech Talk International

Robert Curry, Managing Director, JRC Services UK Limited

David Brough, Managing Director, Heatex Quality Insulation Ltd T/A Heatex Group

Oliver Harwood, Partner, RH & RW Clutton

Brian Heap, Director, BMH Consulting Ltd

Ryan Bennett, Company Director, Bennett & Game Recruitment Limited

Justin Canning, UK Country Manager, UK Upsolar Co. LTD

Cleland Laidlay, Director, Eco Hi Solar Ltd

Dirk Bischof, Director, Funky Renewables Ltd

Vivien Turner, Director, Celtic Renewable Energy Ltd

Ross Donovan, Director, Asgard Biomass

Gabriel Wondrausch, MD, SunGift Solar

Frank John Harris, Managing Director, H D Services Ltd.

Colin Steel, Country Manager, Xergi Ltd

Tim Sanders, Sales Manager Biogas Technology, ÖKOBIT GmbH

James Sessions Hodge, Environmental Technology Manager, DPS Global

Rupert Higgin, Managing Director, The Green Electrician Group Ltd

Mike Woollacott, Managing Director, Greenwatt Technology

Jeremy Hinton, Company Director, New Forest Energy Limited

David Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Eco2 Ltd

Andrew Baxter, Director, Sussex Solar Ltd

Will Kirkman, Business Development Director, Burdens Ltd

Jamie O\’Nians, Group Managing Director, Your Power

Chris Lord-Smith, Director, Llanisolar Ltd

Nathan Billings, Director, Capture Energy

Simon Foy, Commercial Director, Blue Energy

Michael Chesshire, Managing Director, Evergreen Gas Ltd

Dr Prabodh Mistry, Director, Economic & Human Value Engineering Ltd

Peter Webster, Director, PFW Energy ltd

Ken Burdock, Renewables consultant, Eco building products

Martin Allman, UK Trade Manager, Enfinity UK Ltd

Tracey Butler, General Manager, The Rain Wind and Sun Company Ltd

R Roberts, M.D, Glosfume Ltd

Paul Todd, Business Development Director, Eco Solartech Ltd

Gordon Rautenbach, Director, Eco Warriors Solar (UK) Ltd

Michael Hibberd, Director, Finesse Energy Ltd

David Pollard, Director, The Solar Energy Centre Ltd

Richard Gueterbock, Director, Clearfleau Ltd

Richard Newman, Technical Director, Energia Ltd

Roy Baria, Technical Director, EGS Energy Ltd

Keith Crowdy, Associate Director, WSP UK Ltd

Grant Henderson, Director, Solarwall Ltd

Allan Berry, Director, Affordable Solar Energy Ltd

Tony Book, Executive Director, Riomay Ltd

Richard Crowhurst, Managing Director, Enagri Limited

Mrs Lynwen Anthony, Director, Anagest Ltd/R & L. Anthony Ltd

Judy Pearson, Director, EcoLogicLiving Ltd

Dr Garry Jenkins, Technical Director, North Energy Associates Ltd

Brian Martin, Managing Director, Absolute Solar Ltd

Jonathan Brown, Project Co-ordinator, Zeroc Ltd

Brian Biggs, MD, VERDELEC Ltd

Phillip Cozens, Head of Technology Development, Progressive Energy Ltd

Stephen Anstice, Managing Director, Environmental Strategies Ltd

Ray Paice, Account Manager, GB-Sol Ltd

David Chalk, MD, Bio Driven Power Generation Ltd

Jonathan Johns, Director, Climatechangematters limited

Matt Drew, Managing Director, Saxlund International Limited

Cath Anthony, Surveyor, Bidwells

Andrew Carr, Technical Director, Sky Flair Ltd

Jim Dowling, Technical Director & Ben Carter, Commercial Director, Oxford Renewables

A J Grimshaw, Technical Director, Energos Ltd

Peter Randall, Managing Director, Solar Knigdom Ltd

Kaz Morris, Managing Director, Aran Services Ltd

Martin Cornes, Director, Smart Eco Power Systems Ltd

Kiran Arora, Senior Associate, Berwin Leighton Paisner

Lee Rose, Managing Director, Norfolk Solar Limited

Leon Mekitarian, Managing Director, Crouchland Biogas Limited

Paul Clark, Managing Director, Rural Energy

Warren Gray, Managing Director, Northburn Solar Ltd

Michael Psaila, Director, MEP Electrical Services Ltd

Chris Wheelwright, Director, Solar-Heat UK Ltd

Tim Waterfield, Director, Savills (L&P) Ltd

Mike Ellinas, Director, Axios Energy Ltd

James Steynor, Managing Director, The Solar Building Company Ltd

Phil Murray, Managing Director, Romag

Susan House, Director, Watt & Sun/Servicetotal Group

Patrick Richardson, Chief Executive, Greentech Energy Limited

Duncan Lee, Managing Director, SolarUK LTD

Craig Jones, Technical Director, Energy Gain UK Ltd

Paul Hutchens, Managing Director, Eco2 Solar Limited

13 thoughts on “Subsidy sucking scumbucket bastards”

  1. Rent seeking environmentalist academics, rent seeking environmentalist businesses, rent seeking environmentalist politicians.

    Quite diverse

  2. Not even a very diverse gender balance. Only 25 or so women.

    Though someone is called Merlin. So that’s the wizard demographic taken care of.

  3. Never fear, as Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas says – ‘it’s fallacious to argue that scientists and environmentalists have a vested interest in promoting Climate change for government grants’… whoops…

  4. In other news today Mr BlueBeard of Pillage Ltd (Nautical Trade Consultants) signed an open letter to the Govt, opposing it’s new policy of hanging pirates by the neck till they are dead.

  5. British “businesses” call on …. to do something? Who wrote that headline?


    These aren’t businesses; they are a bunch of subsidy-farmers and rent-seekers, with a considerable admixture of fake charities.

    There is hardly one organisation on that list that could survive if the State teat were withdrawn.

    As please God it will be, and soon.

  6. Span Ows,

    “Knigdom” rhymes with “Nicked ’em”.

    So, it may not be a typo (or is that what you meant – I thought maybe you were sniggering at the typo, which would also be fine)

  7. Sorry,

    what is it that people dont like about renewable energy and sustainability?

    The point of these Subsidies is to encourage consumers to install energy generating technologies to lessen their effects on the global environment.

    Where’s the issue?

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