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You know you want to. Go here to provide the advance to allow me to produce my next book.

It\’s a basic point we\’ve talked about enough here. The Scandies, the Nordics, yes, they\’re high tax high redistribution places. But they\’re also remarkably classically liberal economies underneath that. The aim of this fundraising is to do the proper research to produce a book that actually details all of this.

With the basic research I\’ll also do a UK version …..\”Yes Polly, we should be more like Sweden\”.

As to why you should cough up: well, you\’d all like to read the book of course.

But also, you enjoy this blog and we\’ve not had me trying to cadge cash off you for your enjoyment for what, 12, 18 months? This time, instead of spending it on decent cigars and better wine, as I did last, send the money to that Kickstarter account so that it boosts the likelihood of reaching the target amount.

And yes, you will hear more about this over the coming month.

7 thoughts on “Support Timmy on Kickstarter!”

  1. Do you promise to write just a teeeeensy bit less about Ritchie? There is only so much fun to be had from shooting the same fish in the same barrel again and again…

    Tim adds: Nae Ritchie in the book

  2. You’ve got my widow’s mite. If the plot fails, put it towards your Christmas cigars and port. Your continual smiting of the Ungodly deserves reward.

  3. Cigars and wine? You bastard!

    Tim adds:


    I did say so at the time that your very decent offering to the temple would be spent on luxuries for the chief priest…….

  4. That beard.

    You must be on a decent bet that you’ll wear it for a couple of months?

    Tim adds: My beard comes and goes. Get bored of shaving, grow it. Then a couple of weeks of a beard in a Portuguese summer convinces me to go back to shaving again. It’s been and gone twice already since that video was made.

  5. I agree about the beard but am too polite to be the first to comment about another gentleman’s grooming.

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