This is so very surprising, isn\’t it?

My argument is that a flat deduction if the return is prepared by a registered and regulated tax agent who submits it electronically of say £250 plus VAT would be fair for anyone.

Paid tax return preparer says payments to tax return preparers should be subsidised.

Just another one of those left field arguments that you would really never expect, isn\’t it?

4 thoughts on “This is so very surprising, isn\’t it?”

  1. No link to the original piece.

    On here, that usually means (although not always, but it does in this case) that it is Ritchiebollocks. As you can see from the tag.

    I’m not sure that Tim’s refusal to raise Ritchie’s blog rankings by linking to him is having that much effect, considering the hordes of fawning ignoramuses who will twatter his every inane burbling, but …

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