This play, the Ten Billion, is there a script, or a transcript?

Stephen Emmott\’s nonsense.

Is there a transcript, or a script, to this propaganda available? It would be a valuable exercise to actually go through what he says and try to discover the flaws.

Flaws I\’m sure there are as I\’ve mentioned before but it would be interesting to try to detail them.

7 thoughts on “This play, the Ten Billion, is there a script, or a transcript?”

  1. Tim, I’m on the lookout for this, as well. Should be an interesting read. According to one reviewer, he offers a “grim statistic”:

    ” If the current rate of population growth were to continue, the number of humans could reach 28 billion by 2100.”

    Worse than even the worst-case UN projection??

  2. If the current rate of growth in nostril hair continues, we’ll all be tripping over our own nose hair by 2020.

  3. The Royal Court usually prints cheap ‘playscripts’ of plays it puts on but seems not to have done one for Ten Billion yet. The box office is closed today. I’ll ring them tomorrow to find out when it’ll be available and whether it’ll included the factoids from the slideshow.

    Tim adds: That would be extremely useful. Thank you.

  4. Another reviewer:

    “His one possible solution sounds something like a single global crisis-government be formed, and that it be unelected, and that its power be supreme. He reasons that the changes which every government would need to make in order to prevent a global catastrophe are such that no one is ever going to vote for them. It’s not often you see a piece of theatre which argues that only extreme environmental totalitarianism can save us.”

  5. I’m sure the eco-totalitarian one world government will still find plenty of money to subsidise the arts.

  6. I rang the box office. There wasn’t a playscript and they have no current plans to print one. They couldn’t work out how to do one because it was a presentation rather than a play. They also thought there might be copyright issues as the presentation included ‘Emmott’s research’. They are keen to find a wider audience for it, so things might change. But for now, no.

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