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Now it is true, given the intellectual capacity of all many some most (choose your favourite here) who achieve high office, that we\’ll end up with a series of forms which can only be completed in thick crayon in words of one syllable. But that\’s fine: it all takes us a step closer to the paradise that Sir John Cowperthwaite enforced in Hong Kong. He refused to allow anyone to collect economics statistics like GDP on the grounds that if they were known then some damn fool would only have the impertinence to try and do something about them.

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  1. Would that there were men of the calibre of John Cowperthwaite alive today! Instead we have ‘Britain’s number 1 economics blogger’ whose Motto is ‘make it more complex and then imprison anyone who dares try and avoid it’ – and it’s been confirmed he’ll be in charge (or at least acting as a key advisor) from the start of the Miliballs Government in 2015 – I guess maybe I should head out to Hong Kong – at least the Chinese seem to have some idea about the wealth created by Free markets…

  2. (Not, he hastens to add, that his vote was ever going Labourwards in any case. But since the only way of not voting for a Lib-Lab pact is to vote for neither of them, I guess I don’t have the luxury of considering the risk.)

  3. @Philip Walker:

    Since none of the three main parties offers you any real choice – just varying degrees of nanny state + EU, why not vote UKIP.

    Although it has been said that a vote for UKIP is a wasted vote, since the parliament at Westminster is only a rubber stamping chamber for EU directives, there doesn’t seem to be much point about votes being wasted there or not.

    The best way of restoring the Great to Lost Britain is by restoring sovereignty to the British people.

  4. Balls of Fire

    2/ I’d better be careful here because you’re right to point out that a ‘pure’ Free market is a hypothetical concept, as Murphy himself does. I would, however argue that Colonial (and indeed to a lesser degree current) Hong Kong was as close as anyone came to it. Cowperthwaite, a Scottish Civil Servant (perhaps a country in even greater need if him now than England) decided that upon his arrival Hong Kong was doing quite nicely, as consistent Double Digit growth throughout his tenure was to prove.

    This was accomplished by basically preventing meddling from vested interests and mimicking bureaucracy – Check Out P.J O’Rourke ‘Eat the Rich’ or the late Lord Bauer ‘Inequality, the Third World and Economic Delusion’

    Indeed the Chinese on this matter show far more intelligence than the British Left, as their interference with the Hong Kong economy has been far less drastic than the meddling of one G.Brown esq over 1997 to 2010!

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