Travels in Czech

So, last time I went to the airport I took, by mistake, the slow train, on the east bank of the Elbe/Lebe. This made me so nearly late for my flight that I had to take a cab, shouting at the driver to hurry up, to get to the airport.

Today I did not make that mistake. I took the fast train on the west bank.  Which is now enjoying a 2 hour wait in a field as they scrape up some poor unfortunate at the next station up the line. A trivial problem compared to that poor wretch and not one that I know can be solved by shouting at a cabbie as yet…..

Ho hum.

5 thoughts on “Travels in Czech”

  1. Oh, and if you happen to bump into the Czech pole vaulter who crashed out in the Olympics last night whilst you’re at the airport, slip her my email address would you?

  2. A cab would not necessarily work, though. In communist times I took a cab to the airport and it ran out of petrol. Fortunately, the driver had a jerrycan in the boot.

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